10 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest [Other Than Bitcoin]


There are many Altcoins in the crypto market due to growing popularity of cryptocurrecy. Which makes it difficult to choose best crypto to invest for making a profitable portfolio.

If you are looking for cryptocurrencies to invest other than Bitcoin then it may take a while to study as there are more than 4 thousand different types of cryptos in the market. Many of them are scam dead projects being traded on low-quality unreliable exchanges. Out of these cryptocurrencies, the most valued currency is Bitcoin which is far ahead of other coins in the race of the crypto world with all-time-high approx $20k. We have shortlisted some undervalued reliable cryptocurrencies expected to perform well in 2020. Let’s discuss the top 10 Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrencies where you can invest your money.


Best Cryptocurrency to Invest


Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2020


Ethereum (ETH):


Ethereum is a decentralized platform for apps that executes exactly as programmed with no chance of censorship, fraud, or third-party interference. This platform has no centric power so therefore it performs smooth network.  We all know about the attack to The DAO in the year 2016, Ethereum broke down into two parts; one was the Ethereum and on the other hand was Ethereum Classic. It was sold by saying that it was next-generation best Cryptocurrency with reorganized tender policy.  This new amazing thing was created by Vitalik Buterin. This helps individuals to interact directly without the interference of the third party. It also helps an individual to guide their way to set up links for discussion. It monitors the union to sell tickets. It also offers refunds routinely.

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What is Tezos? how to Buy XTZ

World’s first self-evolving blockchain, Tezos (also known as XTZ)  is a smart contract platform similar to Ethereum or EOS. It is a distributed, peer-to-peer, and permissionless network which aims to develop a few notable improvements over its competitors.  In particular, the major ideas of on-chain governance and self-amendment. Best Tezos Wallet 2019


Litecoin (LTC):


This is another Cryptocurrency which was released by the prior Google worker Charles Lee. This was created as an alternative to Bitcoins. Rest all features are all same. This can be mined and used as currency. It’s also beneficial for the transaction of goods and amenities.

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Menero (XMR):


This is habitually branded as ‘anonymous’ currency. But in reality, it’s not. This currency is more focused on privacy protection. This is one of the best and stable currencies. It keeps stuff privet as well as undetectable. This has a ring signature technology which only protects the system. This is mostly used by individuals who are wishing to remain disguised on the internet. Best Monero Wallet 2019

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This is taken as an unrefined settlement scheme along with currency exchange and payment network. This system has been combined into few banks and payment web to reduce the price. This has other two names; one is the Ripple Transaction Protocol or on the other hand Ripple Protocol. This system works very quickly in terms of any size of the transaction without any extra charge adding to the work.

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This is an exposed area as well as a privacy-oriented digital currency where you can go through an immediate transaction. This can be easily associated with cash where all your finance is private as well as you don’t need any wallet for the transaction. Secondly, you have an advantage where no one can track you. The charges are very less and even sometimes free of cost. The payment process is very safe and secured as it is a 2 tier network. On the other hand, the transaction does not take much of time and money can be sent anywhere anytime.

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Zcash (ZEC):


This is program dealing with the commercial system.  The privacy of this system helps an individual for exchanging Cryptocurrencies in the safer platform. In order to maintain a good relation the foremost action a company should take is to protect their system for the interest of their user.

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Etherium Classic (ETC):


The full term of ETC is Ethereum Classic. This decentralized system securing and featuring smart contact within the system. Mining success depends on many, unlike factors. In order to find out cloud mining success calculators were conceived. They take into explaining different limits such as the cost of hardware, electricity cost and other network-related stuff. Profit of individual depends on network trouble, block prize, transactions quantity, and payment. Many people do not know how to use these calculators, so therefore regularly articles are posted related to it. Best ETC Wallets 2019




This is known as one of the oldest usable technology. It is defined as a core technology that is helping the individual to interact freely. It can adapt itself to any domain. It helps in converting all the document management solution into a Blockchain-based document platform.




IOTA is an open-source dispersed record protocol. This goes beyond the Blockchain. The IOTA Tangle is secure directly to Acyclic Graph. There are no charges on transactions and there is no fixed limit on how many transactions can be done by the individual in the network. Instead, throughout the growth process, there is a combination in the network. The more activity was done, the faster the network grows. Bitfinex is the recommended platform to buy/sell IOTA.



best NEO wallet 2018

Neo is one of the premier funded coins. This is originally a Chinese Blockchain assignment. This is also the first-ever unique and open basis public network project attends as a smooth resources platform. It creates a new technique for money to be registered, supplied and dispersed. Bittrex is the recommended platform where you can invest in it.

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Final Words:

It is always advisable that never put all your eggs in a single basket. Hope this article on Top 10 Bitcoin Alternative Crypto Currencies will we helpful for the reader to get an idea about best bitcoin alternatives to invest their money.  Please share your experience and feedback with us in the comment section below.