ReSpin Casino now allows cryptocurrencies payments


ReSpin is an online casino where your gaming experience is brought to a completely new level.
Whether you’re an experienced casino player or a newcomer to the crypto casino scene, it is very easy to make easy crypto payments to top up your account and enjoy the fun of online casino gaming with ReSpin. All the casino games in the ReSpin Casino Lobby can be played using cryptocurrencies.


ReSpin also has an attractive Loyalty Program without wagering requirements or locks and it’s based on rewards based on your gaming level.
The more you play, the more levels you get and more interesting bonuses and rewards are available for you to use in our online casino games. You can check the conditions of the Loyalty Program on the Respin website.


Advantages of playing Online Casino with crypto

Why are people choosing cryptocurrencies for their online casino more and more? This are some of the reasons:

Security and Anonymity

Players can keep their gambling activities private and blockchain technology provides a much higher level of privacy compared to traditional banking methods.


Fast transactions

Cryptocurrency transactions are usually processed much faster than traditional payment methods. Any transactions activities like deposits and withdrawals are completed almost instantly, reducing customer’s waiting time.


Less fees

For those who are used to international banks and payment processors know that transaction fees can be high. By using cryptocurrencies you can, generally, minimize additional costs to very low amounts.



Cryptocurrencies are decentralized meaning that they are not tied to any country or region. This makes the gaming experience accessible to users around the World including countries in which traditional banking options are limited.


Simple conversion by stable coins

The most of stablecoins maintain a close 1:1 peg to fiat currencies. Tether (USDT) for instance, is pegged to The United States dollar (USD).


Stablecoins, tied to USD, allow users to seamlessly switch between fiat and crypto. The value of these coins is stable and easy to understand plus monitored.


ReSpin supports many different crypto currencies, making it easier for you to choose the correct one. If you operate with any of these cryptocurrencies you are 1 step away from the utmost gaming experience:

  • BTC: Bitcoin
  • ETH: Ethereum
  • LTC: Litecoin
  • USDT: Tether
  • DOGE: Dogecoin
  • ADA: Cardano
  • BCH: Bitcoin Cash
  • XRP: Ripple
  • BNB: Binance Coin
  • USDC: USD Coin


How to deposit crypto on Respin?

In ReSpin it is very easy to deposit and withdraw crypto currency. Find a “deposit” button, choose the wanted crypto currency, scan or copy the deposit address and make the deposit.


How to withdraw crypto?

Once you have selected the coin you want to withdraw, provide the destination address of the wallet you want to receive the crypto currency. Then enter the withdrawal amount and confirm by pressing on the “withdraw” button.


If you have entered the correct wallet address your funds will arrive in seconds.