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ICO powered by tezos - ieo build on tezos 0

ICO Powered By Tezos (XTZ) | IEO Based on Tezos

Tezos is a decentralized Blockchain based smart contract platform that allows permission less peer-to-peer distribution as well as make changes in the amendment of the Blockchain itself. One of the key features of the...

Best HOQU Wallets - HQX walet - buy HQX 0

Best HOQU Wallets – Exchange To Buy HQX Tokens

The World’s first decentralized affiliate platform and the future of digital marketing, HOQU is a project like Uber and with an aim to combine the performance-marketing model with Blockchain technology. HOQU assimilates advertisers,...

Best essentia wallets ESS tokens 0

Best Essentia Wallets, Exchanges to Buy ESS Token

Essentia ESS is an online platform that introduces us to the world of decentralized digital community. It is a fault – proof, anti – abuse and anti – spam network that facilitates a connection...