Mycelium Review – Key Wallet Features And Limitations

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2 Responses

  1. Radio_Mongoose says:

    Do not get fooled by this promotional article – Mycelium is thieves and scammers!
    Don`t install or use Mycelium wallet and any products from Mycelium, Wave or other their partners! Those villains stole all cryptocurrency from my wallet and flew off to rest! This is all – scam of Alexander Kuzmin, thief and criminal from Russia, who robbed his own city!

  2. mils says:

    I had set a pin code to mycelium app on my android phone. But I forgot the pin code and mycelium app is not opening. My money is stuck and held up in an account in this mycelium app. And I have not been able to find any help. Customer support @mycelium is not replying to my enquiries and requests to help for me to open mycelium app on my phone to access my money. Even a written request on mycelium download site on Google play store was not replied to and I was not given any help.
    Any security , pin code security or any other security that is keeping me out and is not letting me (the owner of the bitcoin in this mycelium wallet app ) access this mycelium wallet app is wrong, is not a security, is rather cheaters and rogues and fraudsters of mycelium wallet app makers To lock my bitcoin in it and not giving me help to how to open mycelium wallet app On my mobile. Mycelium wallet app makers , support is not replying and not giving help to me to access my bitcoin in this mycelium wallet app after I forgot pin code to this mycelium wallet app on my mobile. Support or the makers of mycelium wallet app must give me help and guide me how to open this mycelium wallet app with my bitcoin in it.

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