Mycelium Wallet Review – 7 Reasons to Store Your Bitcoins

For all Android and IOS users, Mycelium can be the best Bitcoins wallet. Apart from an enterprise-level security, it has many other features which make this unique from the other wallets. Therefore it is a trading platform, a vault and, a wire-transfer and more. In our previous articles, we have discussed best wallets to store bitcoins safely. It is always recommended to store BTC in Hardware wallet or Paper wallet for security reasons. Online wallets such as Blockchain or Mycelium provides controls on private key to the users to ensure a better way to store BTC safely. In this Mycelium wallet review, we will discuss smart features of this wallet.


mycelium wallet review


The Mycelium Bitcoin wallet, firstly, allows users to send and receive Bitcoin. It does this by using the best security available for consumers. It is simple to create a new wallet to send and receive Bitcoin. Let’s find out how to create the wallet.


The most unique feature of this is that it provides unique private keys to every user. It helps to secure their account. Without the keys the user cannot access to his/her account.


  1. Create Wallet:
  • Firstly one needs to go to the Google Play Store and download Mycelium Wallet.
  • Once it’s downloaded then one need to go to the home screen and open the app.
  • The wallet is ready to use at any point, but it’s safe to secure the wallet before using it.


  1. Secure wallet:
  • Find the setting option
  • Click on “set pin code”
  • Lastly set a pin code and one should not forget it
  • An individual cannot spend a bitcoin without this pin code.
  • After the pin code is saved, one needs to back it up.


  1. Receive payments:
  • To receive payment one needs to go to their Balance tab and Sheet and click on “Receive”
  • Individuals need to request for an amount by clicking on the keyboard icon under, “Optional Amount”
  • They need to share their bitcoin address with the sender.
  • They need to wait until the sender transfer the amount.
  • They also can check the amount by going through the “Transaction Tab”


  1. Huge Competitions:

There are huge competitions in the market related to best Bitcoin wallets.  Therefore the competition is hard because everyone tries hard to prove themselves the best. But particularly Mycelium Wallet has proved them the best and worth taking the prize away. Mycelium has worked really hard to protect privet keys from getting exposed.


  1. Best Wallet Features:
  • It is a HD security wallet
  • This is the easiest backup for securing privacy.
  • It’s completely free of cost.


  1. Speedy service:

They are speedy about their service, filling up online forms, waiting to be crossed check and approve then place and order for the currency and lastly withdrawal of the amount.  They  believe in quick exchange of funds.


  1. Confidential:

Client’s privacy is their first and foremost look out. All important details are keep privet as they should be. They only provide personal details when asked for by the legal body for a particular client. No other third party gets involved with personal information.



It is the best feature wallet rated by many specialists of this field.  An individual can watch only his/her account, paper wallet transfer. Along with this other facility such as the HD security; extensive backup option are also available here. In the due case of reliability, HD security ensures the user to retrieve his private keys in a situation of failure of negligence. So, therefore, one must remember that Mycelium is one of the best wallets. It values your money and your time. They are also provided with the best customers that will guide you through your way. Hope this Mycelium wallet review will be helpful for our readers. Please share your feedback and experience with us in the comment section below.

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