Cindicator: Best CND Wallets and Exchange to Buy CND Tokens


Cindicator is a decentralized online platform or network for the effective management of assets. It generally works behind the idea of hybrid intelligence. It introduces a shake in the world of finance. It is based on ethereum blockchain and is a combination of several machine learning models and a diverse variety of financial analysts.


It avoids the uncertainty of the new economy by introducing the technological and social infrastructure, which will take powerful decisions. It accepts only ethereum (ETH) payment method. The users of this platform can download this application either from the google play or the Application store. The tokens of cindicator are usually referred to as CND tokens, which are ERC20/Ethereum tokens. They are mainly used for giving rewards on a monthly basis.


It comes under the categories of Artificial intelligence (AI), Hedge funds, Predictive analytics and bi data. It was founded in 2015 with its head quarters in New York. Mike Brusov is the Founder as well as the Chief executive officer (CEO) of this platform. Yuri Lobyntsev and Artem Baranov are the two co – founders along with Mike Brusov. Its partnership concerns include the following:

  • Venture partner – ‘Bitfin capital’
  • Acceleration partner – ‘MOEX or Moscow exchange’
  • Crypto fund partner – ‘The token fund’
  • Technology partner – ‘Microsoft’


Best Cindicator Wallets for CND Tokens:

Cindicator Token known as “CND” is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy Cindicator (CND) Tokens:

Cindicator token is listed on few exchanges incuding the decentralized exchange also. But most of the volume is coming from the Binance only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading Cindicator (CND):


Merits of hybrid intelligence:

  • Intellectual asset monetization without any funding risks.
  • Detailed and updated analysis of expectations, market growth opportunities and industry type.
  • Tools offered for making investments and providing complete details about the investments.
  • Crypto currency ratings and indexes.


Unique features of Cindicator:

  • It is a community – driven platform that offers several rewards to the valuable users.
  • It effectively manages the capital invested by the investors in the crypto – currency and financial markets.
  • It gives full authority to the users to have access over its data and products.
  • It contains a qualified team of experienced professionals.
  • It is an open – source platform, whose application can be downloaded easily without any charges.
  • It lets the users to make financial forecasts.
  • It motivates users to purchase tokens.
  • It protects users from fraudulence and unauthorized attacks.
  • It uses several powerful algorithms for the effective management of funds.


About Cindicator App:

Android users may download Cindicator app from Google Play Store. This app is useful for future financial forecast and trading signals. This app allows user to forecast and earn prizes for accurate predictions.

What you get when you download Cindicator app:

  • Earn passive income from your intellectual work.
  • Enhance your trading and market analyst skills.
  • Public recognition of your analytical skills.


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