Best Websites For Online Shopping With Bitcoin In 2023


Have you invested in Bitcoin and now find yourself wondering what exactly you can do with it? there are many ways to spend your bitcoin online and offline as well from subscriptions to booking of tickets online. Whether you’re looking to make essential purchases or splurge on something special, you can now do it all with your Bitcoin.

You can purchase laptops, phones, designer clothes, luxury travel etc. and the options for spending your Bitcoin are vast. Whatever it is you’re in the market for, you’re bound to find a retailer that accepts Bitcoin as payment. The best part is you can purchase these goods or services with cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world and have your items shipped directly to you. Bitcoin provides a simple, secure way to make purchases across borders and also saves middleman charges between sellers and buyers. You can find detailed list for shopping online or offline with Bitcoin here.

Retailers For Online Shopping With Bitcoin Payments

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As a Bitcoin holder, you have more options than ever to spend your crypto. Directly or many be indirectly, many major online retailers now accept Bitcoin as payment and allowing you to shop for everything from the latest tech gadgets to daily use items.

CryptoEmporium: CryptoEmporium is an online store that launched in 2018 and is designed to offer thousands of items from outside vendors. Contrary to Amazon, Crypto Emporium exclusively accepts digital currency as payment. Therefore, it can be done with Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. This covers Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash, XRP, USDT, and XRP. Anybody can list and sell products on CryptoEmporium.

In the luxury category, this includes Rolex watches, supercars, and even real estate. Electronics, apparel, works of art, toys, athletic equipment, and many more things are examples of consumer products. Top brands supported by Crypto Emporium include those from Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Nikon, Microsoft, SanDisk, Samsung, and Tesla.

Buy on thousands of online stores: One of the first companies to offer crypto payments is Bitrefill, which also offers gift cards. Founded in 2015, the company’s goal is to enable people to spend cryptocurrency to buy everyday items online and in stores as well. Bitrefill sells gift cards that you can use as vouchers to buy electronics, groceries, clothing, phone refills – even accommodations and flights for your next vacation.

To be clear, these gift cards are not physical cards, but rather a voucher you’ll receive via email which you can redeem when paying for products at partnered merchants. Currently, there are more than 4,500 merchants in 186 countries integrated in the network, according to the company’s website, including major brands such as Amazon, Airbnb, Domino’s, Netflix, Nike, T-Mobile, Walmart and many more. You can use following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Dash, USDC, USDT.


Travel Expenses Covered With Bitcoin

travel shopping with bitcoin Best Websites For Online Shopping With Bitcoin In 2023

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and now you can book your trips entirely with bitcoin. Whether you’re planning a beach getaway or European adventure, bitcoin has got you covered.

Accommodations: You can pay for your hotel rooms and hostels around the world using bitcoin on sites like Travala, Expedia,, and BTCTrip. Pay for your stays at luxury resorts or budget-friendly rentals, all without fiat currency.

Transportation: Use bitcoin to buy plane tickets, reserve rental cars, or book passage on cruise ships. CheapAir, BTCTrip, and Destinia are a few sites where you can find deals and pay 100% in bitcoin. Even better, you can rent boats, yachts or camper vans for your bitcoin-funded road trip. The open road awaits!

Activities: Don’t forget to budget your bitcoin for fun experiences at your destination. You can book tours, museum tickets, and amusement park admission in advance. If you want to live large, buy event tickets on Ticketmaster, StubHub, or TickPick using your digital currency. Enjoy your favorite shows, sports, or cultural events around the world — all made possible by the magic of bitcoin.


Internet Services and Subscriptions to Buy With Bitcoin

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There are a number of useful cryptocurrency services and subscriptions you can pay for with bitcoin.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): VPNs like NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN accept bitcoin as payment for their subscription plans. Use of a VPN is important and refereed by many holders for privacy and security when transacting in bitcoin. Here is a complete list of website where you can buy VPN with crypto.

Domain Registration: Registering a domain name for your website is easy to do with bitcoin at Namecheap and Uniregistry. They offer domain extensions like .com, .net and .org. Here is the list of website to buy domain and hosting with bitcoin.

Cloud Storage: Major cloud storage providers such as Tresorit, pCloud, and Internxt accept bitcoin for their encrypted cloud storage and backup services. Using bitcoin to pay for cloud storage helps keep your files and data private.


Other Services That You Can Buy With Bitcoin

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Bitcoin can be used for more than just buying goods online since many companies now accept bitcoin for a variety of services. We have listed some of these services below:

Crypto Jobs: Freelance work is another area where bitcoin is gaining ground. Websites like like software development, writing, and graphic design that pay in bitcoin. If you have a skill or service to offer, you can join the freelance economy and get paid without any bank fees or delays.

Online Gaming: Gambling and gaming are also options. Certain bitcoin casino online and bitcoin poker sites allow you to place bets, spin slot reels, and go all-in using bitcoin. You can even use bitcoin for some in-app purchases in games.

Donation: Of course, you can always donate your bitcoin to charities and nonprofits. Places like the Khan Academy, the Wikimedia Foundation, and Save the Children all accept bitcoin donations to support important causes.

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Final Thoughts:

We have discussed some of the popular categories where you can do online shopping with bitcoin. Who knew you could buy everything from luxury goods to pizza with your digital currency? The options for living on bitcoin are growing every day and many merchants are adding crypto payments for their goods and services. While it may still be a niche way to pay, the increasing number of major retailers accepting bitcoin means it’s easier than ever to spend your coins. Whether you’re looking to buy big-ticket items like a new laptop or just want to try something new by paying for your next meal with bitcoin. Have you bought anything through bitcoin?