7 Best ICP Wallets For Internet Computer Coins 2024


Looking for the best ICP wallet for storing your Internet Computer coins and Tokens (IC20 Tokens)? We have listed the top ICP wallets based on their features so that you can select the best one as per your needs. The global cryptocurrency market is booming with new projects every now and then. One such crypto project that is already worth billions of dollars is Internet Computer crypto. ICP was launched in May 2021 by Dfinity Foundation. However, it quickly escalated and gained popularity in the market. You can buy ICP from major crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc. Here is all you need to know about the new buzzing crypto and ICP wallets.

ICP is a digital token or cryptocurrency that is based on the Internet Computer Protocol. In simple language, the ICP protocol allows its users to build apps, websites, and other online applications and services. The ICP aims to enable everyone to create software and content online without depending on firms like Google, Amazon or Facebook. It is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that makes web processes and services more decentralized.

It also opens up opportunities for Defi in the industry. Cryptocurrency could be used in such Defi apps to imitate (or replace) traditional financial operations. According to Dfinity, because of its highly decentralized network, an Internet Computer can scale its capacity to meet increased demand.

7 Best Internet Computer (ICP) Wallets

The best way to securely store your cryptos and safeguard your investment is through crypto wallets. However, with hundreds of crypto wallets in the market, you can’t trust just anyone.  Before buying ICP, you must choose an ICP wallet to store and manage your ICP investment. Here are the best ICP wallets to go for:

AstroX ME wallet


The AstroX ME wallet distinguishes itself by creating a decentralized identity and accessing the linked wallet via the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Users can access all linked data by recalling their identification. The wallet also makes use of Dfinity’s ECDSA Threshold Signature, an L1 public chain, for secure and efficient signature fulfillment. The AstroX ME wallet supports a variety of blockchains and also accepts a wide range of popular coins, including BTC, ETH, ONE, and ICP.

The AstroX ME wallet has user-friendly ID registration and login, seamless multi-device binding, enhanced security via biometric authentication, integration with Ethereum wallets like Metamask, mobile client compatibility, third-party DApp integration, flexible authorization models, and multi-signature logic. AstroX ME wallet supports a variety of collectibles, including DIP, EXT, CCC, and GIGA.


Bitfinity Wallet

A multi-chain wallet called the Bitfinity Wallet was created and made open source by InfinitySwap. With this browser add-on, you can easily log into decentralized applications (dapps) on the internet while storing and transferring your BTC, ICP, SNS-1, NFT, and other tokens. Additionally, Internet Identity, the potent identification system made available by the Internet Computer, is supported by the Wallet. Bitfinity wallet features are:

  • Supports transactions on the IC blockchain
  • It supports IS20 tokens on the IC blockchain
  • Users can mint, add, transfer, and deposit tokens
  • Collect NFTs in one place


Stoic Wallet

Stoic Wallet was developed by Toniq Labs and allows users to create a digital wallet for ICP coins, authenticating users through multiple methods, one of those being Internet Identity. Users can create accounts, keep an address book, and do more with the wallet. It also allows users to connect via their hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor. the main features are:

  • Create wallets to store ICP coins
  • Users can use multiple methods for accessing their wallet including Internet Identity as well
  • Provides support for Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets


Plug Wallet

An Internet Computer browser extension wallet and authentication provider that lets you use the same Principal ID to access ICP, Cycles, and other tokens, as well as log into IC apps. The main features are:

  • One wallet to login to all IC apps
  • Manage IC, tokens, NFts and all digital assets in one place
  • Convenient user experience for all IC developers and users.
  • Send and receive ICP from other Principal IDs.
  • Save IDs in your address book for future use
  • Keep track of all Transactions


Earth Wallet

Earth Wallet is the first self custody ICP wallet browser extension. It is a next-generation wallet for decentralized organizations, social networks, and finance.  The main features are:

  • User friendly for both ETH blockchain users as well as non-tech people
  • Allows to participate in Defi, governance and DAO protocols
  • Offers faster settlement time and negligible fees
  • Solves critical issues that developers face while building internet protocols
  • Access to build and interact with smart contracts



You can manage ICP tokens, stake them in neurons, participate in governance, get rewards, and construct cycles with the NNS front-end dapp. The main features are:

  • ICP token management
  • Access to vote on proposals presented before NNS
  • Facilitates ICP staking in “voting neurons” to receive rewards
  • Allows to create cycles and canister smart contracts


Coinbase Wallet (ICP  only, Non IC20)

Undoubtedly, Coinbase tops the list as the most secure crypto wallet in the market. It offers user-friendly access to easily store and access all your crypto in one place. The Coinbase app is supported both on android and iOS devices.  Coinbase supports Internet computer since 11th May 2021. You can now buy, sell, send, receive, convert and store ICP on Coinbase.

The main features of Coinbase are:

  • Low trading fees
  • Convienient user interface
  • Access to a variety of crypto and digital assets
  • High liquidity
  • Very high-security features like 2-step verification and biometric login.
  • Offers insurance in case Coinbase is breached
  • Stores 98% of funds on offline cold storage


Summary: The Best ICP Wallet

best ICP wallets

Choosing the best ICP wallet will depend on the level of security you require, the dApps you wish to connect to, the device you intend to use, and the purpose of storing, such as long term, staking, and so on. Stoic has proven to be the finest mobile app for the majority of users. Because of the multiple token standards it has integrated, as well as the extra security measures, Bitfinity wallet is primed and ready for DeFi.

To stake your ICP and participate in governance to collect rewards, you’ll need a NNS wallet. Furthermore, several dApps on the IC, such as ICLighthouse, are still only integrated with Plug. A recently added wallet, Astrox.me is also a good option if you look at the features provided by this ICP wallet.