Living off Cryptocurrency? Here Are My 3 Different Ways to Earn Money with Cryptocurrencies




Did you know you can make a living with cryptocurrencies? Most crypto traders earn daily by investing in coins like Bitcoin, and so you can. How can you live off this means? What do you need to know? If you’ve been wondering about those questions, this is the right platform to get the answers. Let me review the possibility of living off cryptocurrency and the three different ways I use to earn money from this investment. Find out more from this blog.


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Buying and Holding

The first option to get started is to buy cryptocurrencies. Several platforms offer one or more currencies that you can choose. Coinbase, CoinDesk, and Binance are some ideal choices. The site should be reliable and authentic. Once you obtain the coins, they need to be kept safe, mostly in places called digital wallets. Again, ensure that the wallet used is secure enough for the cryptos. I prefer using hardware or software.

After purchasing the currencies comes the waiting period in which you hold them until their value arises. You will decide on the best time to sell them at a desirable profit. Several factors determine how the coins are valued, and due to their volatility, it might be challenging to know what will happen to the prices. You can make further inquiries about these factors and learn more about them. This way, it’ll be easy to predict the trend in price changes.

You can also apply the Hodl (Hold On for Dear Life) concept, a Bitcoin term used by most traders when they’re holding their currencies hoping to gain profits one day. Though I find this method suitable for earning, it might not be so for you. Thus, always try and research about cryptocurrencies to learn more and derive your proper conclusion.


Accepting Payment with Cryptocurrency

This is another appropriate means by which a person can make money from cryptocurrencies. Do you have a business that sells items or other services? Why not allow your customers to pay for what they buy using crypto coins if they can? If you find willing people who can make such payments, seize the opportunity and add more cryptos to the wallets.

To find out customers that use cryptocurrencies, inquire from them, or do some little research. Calculate the cost of a product based on the value of the currency. For instance, if I accept Bitcoin payment, the estimated amount to be paid can be a quarter or a third of the coin. This will depend on the service I offer. The amount requested also differs from one currency to another as some are less valuable than others. The point is to obtain chosen coins that reflect on the type and number of goods sold.

Now that you have the payments done, what’s the next step? You can also use these coins to settle bills, meet expenses, or hold onto them in the wallets until their value rises. If that happens, you can sell them for substantial profits. The advantage of this method is that you’ll sell anything to any person freely without checking with the banks that might be a barrier to doing so.


Day Trading

Trading cryptocurrencies refers to buying the coins at a low price and reselling them at higher prices. Day trading is a form of the technique that involves doing so for a short period, mostly within a day. By using this method, you can get small profits but faster. Its rewards are lower than holding unless you put in more money.

Due to the volatile nature of the crypto market, this option can be very uncertain. Many people fail in day trading, and it’s not a suitable deal for beginners. With proper knowledge of the market and preparedness, a person can succeed and make substantial daily profits without many struggles. Most of us like shortcuts in everything, including making money. That’s why you should consider being a crypto day trader. However, before you decide on that, here are some tips that can help:


Educate yourself

It would be best if you spent some time acquiring the necessary information about all the essential aspects of this method. Try and explore the various resources available to improve your understanding, like books and blog posts. You can also find more information from sites like 365 Credit Solutions. Expanding your knowledge base is a good start in obtaining the needed skills for maneuvering through any crypto coin day trading.


Have the essential psychological conditions

Doing crypto trading can be a challenging task if not adequately prepared for. Evaluate and see whether or not you’re in the appropriate mental state to carry out this activity. The following will be essential for anyone considering day trading:

  • Self-discipline. Like any other self-employment, you need to act like an entrepreneur and take this trade seriously, especially if it’s on a full-time basis. It will help if you stick to a set strategy every day.
  • Patience and optimism. There’s no guarantee that you’ll make profits every time. The inability to predict the market changes requires someone to be patient enough and always expecting the best. If you fail today, be positive and hope for better outcomes next time.
  • Focus on your goal. When you know the reason for doing this, it’ll be easy to focus on that objective. You won’t let the losses you encounter and challenges to drift you away. Remember, it’s a source of living, thus no matter what hits you hard, always hold on to the goal.
  • Sense of responsibility. You’ll need to accomplish the role of a boss. Furthermore, this job requires much effort and time, making it vital that you act responsibly. The self-discipline attitude will be highly associated with a measure of self-responsibility.


Know the skills to breakthrough 

A significant thing you’ll need is being skilled at this work. Below are necessary points to keep in mind:

  • Invest small. It’s perfect to buy many currencies, but that might turn out to be a disappointment. Try and purchase small amounts of coins and invest in those. With time, you can increase after learning about the market.
  • Since there are many crypto coins, you can venture in, list them according to their significance, and prioritize them.
  • Understand the market. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and day trading with them can be risky; ensure you know about the market situation and become aware of all the risks involved.
  • Practice makes perfect. Before you go into the world of crypto trading, make sure you’ve done enough preparation. Use the demos available online to get along with this trade and be sure to do it correctly for effective performance in realty.


The Bottom Line

What’s the takeaway? Can you make a living out of cryptocurrencies? Of course, yes. Many experts in this trade can confirm that there’s more to investing in this avenue. They have seen the fruitage of this ever-growing business opportunity. To some of them, this is a permanent and full-time job. You, too, can live off cryptocurrencies by exploring the many ways of making money using them. You may want to review the three proven ways of doing so that I’ve highlighted above.