8 Best Smart Contract Auditor Companies For 2024


No doubt blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the decade but it also attracts the risk of hacks and cyberattacks. Security is one of the top priorities for every blockchain project which cannot be undermined at all. Smart contract audits can be automatic or done manually to investigate the smart contract codes to detect vulnerabilities and security issues before the code is used publicly.

In our previous post, we discussed best smart contract platforms for blockchain apps.  Moving one step ahead, in this article we are going to discuss best smart contract auditors to test your application against security.


Who are Smart Contract Auditors?

Smart contract auditors are professional consultants who analyze the smart contract codes to detect vulnerabilities and to see if there has been any security breach in the code. Thes auditors are basically a team of cryber expert with the specialization in the field of blockchain.


Why do we need a Smart Contract Auditor?

If you are planning to launch your own ICO, you may need to audit your smart contract. But why hire an external auditor if you can audit the code yourself?

Well, smart contract auditing is not easy. It requires expertise and years of experience to keep your funds safe from hackers.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a smart contract auditor:

  • They are highly professional and will guarantee the safety of your funds.
  • Identifying if there are any errors in the code and that the code is safe to transfer your funds.
  • To validate your wallet address and to see if there are any typographic errors.
  • Detecting bugs in the system.

There have been many instances where users have lost a lot of their valued funds in the ICO process due to errors in the code, extraction of private data by hackers, and infiltration. It is best to do a background check before you hire an auditor for your ICO. A good and experienced auditor will help you understand the process and keep your funds safe.


Best Smart Contract Auditors:

There are many smart contract companies and freelancers available in the domain. We have selected some popular and trusted names with experience in securing well-known blockchain projects. Here is a list of some of the best smart contract auditors in the market:




Hashlock, an Australian blockchain security company, specializes in smart contract auditing as its primary service. It holds the distinction of being the first independent auditor, separate from the development process, to gain acceptance from Blockchain Australia. Recently, Hashlock announced an expanded suite of blockchain security services, emphasizing its dedication to enhancing the security and reliability of the rapidly evolving web3 landscape.

The company’s comprehensive approach to researching and auditing blockchain security has garnered trust from notable platforms like Verida Network. Among its diverse range of services are security assessments, industry research, formal verification, penetration testing, incident response, testing services, and on-chain monitoring.




Cyberscope is one of the leading auditing and AML firms in the blockchain industry. Having worked with more than 900 crypto projects, it has become the number one trusted cyber security firm on all major launchpads.
Cyberscope’s team consists of world-class cyber security experts and anti-fraud professionals that are well-versed in the latest information security best practices. The company also offers popular software tools for free to crypto investors, like Cyberscan and Safescan.
Cyberscan performs ​​an automated smart audit and similarity analysis for any given contract address and Safescan does Anti Money Laundering and KYC Analysis for any given wallet.



Kudelski is located in Europe and the United States, ranks top among smart contract auditors, and is preferred by many for its specialized and timely service. Kundelski is a very well-known cybersecurity domain that has entered blockchain security as well. They have a team of specialists working in the Blockchain Security Center providing trusted, full-stack enterprise-grade solutions. Services offered by Kudelski Security includes:

  • Security Audit, Assessment and Validation
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Security Design and Implementation
  • Security Training

They have delivered their services to a list of popular blockchain projects, including Solana and Elrond.



ConsenSys is based on the Ethereum ecosystem and aims to provide blockchain solutions for consumer products, individuals, and businesses. ConsenSys was founded in 2014 and comprises of a team of software developers, lawyers, security providers, and experts in various fields of business. The main idea is to bring about complete decentralization for smart contracts and create applications for businesses.



Another big name in the cybersecurity service is CertiK. The company is preferred by many market leaders because of its transparency and proof-engine verification tools, which make the platform all the more scalable and secure. Its recent alliance with the NEO blockchain ecosystem has strengthened its reliability and performance.

CertiK is mathematically validated, which overcomes the limitations of manual validation. Recently, their integration with the “UP Alliance” has further authenticated the platform and added to its credibility.



Experfy is run by a group of expert freelancers who provide consulting and auditing services for smart contracts. The team consists of former MIT professors and Google employees who add to the credibility of the company. It works on the Ethereum blockchain and is known for its exemplary performance.



Hacken provides cybersecurity services for decentralized businesses across the globe. Hacken engineers provide audit services for various blockchain platforms like TRON, Ethereum, EOS, etc. The system verifies and validates through mathematical analysis to eradicate any vulnerability in the system.


Runtime Verification

Runtime verification works on the popular “K-framework” and provides security, safety, validation, and verification services for businesses. Runtime has worked with top-notch businesses like NASA, Boeing, DARPA, Toyota, and many other prominent names in the business world. It aims to provide verification services for smart contracts, programming languages, virtual machines, and consensus protocols.



A security audit of blockchain development is very much required, and it is also recommended to choose an auditor with having reputation and trusted portfolio. I hope you enjoyed this article on the best smart contract auditors. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below.