PocketBits Review : Exchange to Trade More than 50 Crypto Coins (Offer Inside)

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  1. Anony says:

    Looks like a definite scam. I had deposited quite a good chunk along as I thought the funds would get credited within 59mins – 130mins as their home page GUARANTEES. It’s been nealy 24 hours now and yet the funds are nowhere to be seen. The word “guarantee” looses its meaning becuase of people like these. Totally unprofessional and sub-zero customer support. Guys like these are responsible for our country’s pathetic reputation today.
    Found out that my cousin’s funds have not been credit for over 2 days now. Same is the case with plenty of my friends.
    Seems like a definite scam. Stay a thousand miles away as the owner seems happy writing blog posts by just copy and paste from international content while the company happily plays with customers uncredited float.

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