4 Reasons to Turn Up to Buy Ethereum Over Other Cryptocurrencies


Ethereum took up the pace just like Bitcoin and is now on the tip of almost everyone’s tongue. People are raising questions on whether Ethereum is the best crypto to buy in the present date. People are eager to know whether purchasing Ethereum is a worthy investment or not. Ethereum has evolved since its announcement now and has adapted many innovations to compete with other cryptocurrencies.

In this article, you will know about a few reasons why buying Ethereum in the year 2020 is a worthy decision.




4 Reasons to Adopt Ethereum Today

Ethereum showed itself back in the year 2016, and there were some definite bugs that did drive away from some people. But some people who wanted to know and invest in this new evolution of cryptocurrency took their chance and found themselves as profitable. This gave a productive pace to Ethereum for growing.

Note these few reasons to get a convincing motivation to become an investor or adopter:

  1. Ethereum has the power to be the smarter version amongst other cryptocurrencies

The sole reason for Ethereum gaining high popularity back in the year 2017 is due to the adaptation of smart contract running ability. Moreover, Ethereum was integrated into most of the applications termed dApps (decentralized applications). These dApps were meant to help businesses and organizations help grow across the world.

With Ethereum, you can secure ownership for valuable assets such as artwork, cars, homes, and others using the smart contracts’ ability of it. With Ethereum, the foreign investors do not need to go through long procedures of foreign nations for owning a valuable asset in an outside country. Ethereum can be used for paying for such assets, and it is legally acceptable. Moreover, Ethereum is building a healthy connection between private individuals and businesses across the world.

These few insights are what intend on Ethereum being the smarter version of all the other cryptocurrencies.

  1. Ethereum Will Contribute to Global GDP

As per the WEF or World Economic Forum, more than 10% of the global GDP will be stored & transacted using the blockchain technology from 2025 to 2027. The simple meaning of this is that every country across the world will be using blockchain technology on 10% of its GDP. This phase will be named as Tokenization, and this will help people purchasing several assets such as artworks, homes, luxury cars, and others.

This is another big factor that Ethereum is going to be a big thing in the future and will be used frequently with the adaptation of tokenization. This eventually makes Ethereum a valuable option for investing in.

  1. Ethereum Can Trigger Innovation of the Next Era

Ethereum did experience a downfall after 2017, but it was still breathing. Everything comes up with more strength, and Ethereum also did pick up the pace and regained its strength back. There are many new projects that are already signed and are being built on with Ethereum. Some of the future projects are charging stations, microgrids, crypto-collectibles, electric vehicles, home mortgages, and others. These modern adaptations of Ethereum give a clear indication of the future implementation of Ethereum. If microgrids, innovation, and other such aspects motivate you and you want to see them more in the future, then investing in Ethereum might not be a bad deal for you.

Ethereum is all about keeping the world ahead with progressive ideologies. Ethereum is also being projected for implementation to develop sustainable energy management and production.

  1. Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is not just the cryptocurrency but also an efficient platform for its smart contract ability. Bitcoin only allows you to pay for stuff while Ethereum helps you to tokenize the assets, programming the smart contracts, and much more. Ethereum is also a payment system that can be used for the purpose but has bigger aspects to cover than this. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are good in their aspects. It based upon your plans focusing on which you can decide on investing to either purchase ETH or not.

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency that can help you avail futuristic benefits, then Ethereum is a smarter choice over Bitcoin.



These are a few of the reasons that explain the efficacy of Ethereum and act as a convincing motivation for you to decide on making healthy investment in it. It is a productive cryptocurrency that has a lot to offer on a global platform. This is the new digital currency that has a secure code implemented after several hack attempts on it. Ethereum came out strong and is now inching towards a better evolution in the cryptocurrency market to take a progressive leap. So, if you are unaware of the efficacies of Ethereum, then take up courses to know more about it before investing in it.