MyContainer Review: Is it Safe and Legit?


Cryptocurrency trading can be a little bit challenging, especially for beginners. Generating considerable profits can even be harder without a clear trading strategy. However, making profits trading cryptocurrency is now a little easier thanks to MyContainer – an online automatic staking and master node staking platform that generates profit from your coins in the form of stakes. The platform aims to help users trade coins and generate substantial profits in the form of stakes.

It’s without a doubt that numerous crypto traders hold the idea that making profits in crypto trading is only through buying low and selling high. However, this is an outdated trading ideology, as there are other innovative ways to make a profit via crypto trading.

Proof of Stake coins, a form of dividend paying cryptocurrencies, is currently a simplified approach in crypto trading, given that they offer a hint of sustainability as well as real value. MyContainer enables traders to easily achieve this trading approach by holding their coins to help in validating new transactions on the network and profit from it.

This piece will delve into MyContainer, highlighting the master node and staking and how MyContainer assists you to generate considerable profits.

mycontainer review


MyContainer Overview

As mentioned earlier, MyContainer is a staking and master node platform that enables crypto traders to hold their corn and profit from it without much hassle. The platform leverages blockchain’s power (Proof of Stake + Masternodes) to generate stable profits and allows users to keep their coins in a single platform.

Yes, Proof Of Stake coins are sustainable and generate remarkably higher ROI compared to other traditional investment tools. But, they come with several inherent issues that may hinder profit generation, especially for new crypto investors. Some of these challenges include:

  • Reward Frequency- POS reward frequency is highly dependent on the number of coins in the portfolio in regards to the total market cap of the coin. This means that a retail investor must wait for days or even sometimes months to receive their rewards, especially when the number of coins that they have staked is low. This challenge is enormous and usually leads to loss of compounding opportunity since their stake couldn’t generate substantial profits in the time of waiting.
  • Long Processes in Setting- Setting up a desktop wallet to hold any POS coin is the first step in establishing a periodic staking output. While it may sound easy, setting up a crypto wallet is tedious, given the long verification process. For starters who may not be too tech-savvy, setting up a wallet can be a challenge. Additionally, wallets pose a risk to crypto investment, given that online wallets are susceptible to hacking coupled with constant version upgrades and troubleshooting.
  • Unawareness – Many crypto traders lack knowledge of the best POS coins since there are so many in existence today. It may be daunting to identify the best legit coins to put money on.

MyContainer comes in handy in solving these challenges as the frequency of rewards is increased exponentially, and you don’t really need to set-up or manage any wallets or be knowledgeable of the technical aspects in the staking process. Simply put, MyContainer receives the rewards from the respective POS coins based on the collective pool.

These rewards are usually higher compared to when you individually stake the coin. The rewards are then distributed equally among the coin holders on the platform. This, in turn, allows you to multiply your income at a faster rate, given that the compounding effect is acting for a greater duration.

The best thing about MyContainer is that apart from allowing the exchange of fiat money to crypto, they also manage cryptocurrency wallets on behalf of users. This allows people with crypto lying idle in their wallets to earn without much hassle. The crypto stashed in these wallets is utilized by supporting blockchain and cryptocurrency, which in turn, generate profits are shared equally among coin holders.


How MyContainer Works- Masternodes and Staking

MyContainer functions by generating access to shared master nodes staking with every reward being subjected to compound interest. Masternode is simply a cryptocurrency full node or computer wallet that keeps the entire copy of the blockchain in real-time. Masternodes perform entirely different functions from normal nodes. This is because they perform other functions apart from just keeping the full blockchain and relaying blocks or transactions as a full node does in Bitcoin/Litecoin.

The returns are typically based on each coin consensus rules, from 1% to 149%, with the entire investing and reward-generating process being entirely automatic. While some investments don’t have reward fees, others have up to a 9% reward fee. All fees are transparent and visible in the user’s dashboard.

The staking tool is at the core of MyContainer’s functioning. This tool is a reward infrastructure that benefits everyone in the trading pool, even users with a limited amount of coins. The staking tool is quite innovative and enables holders of digital assets to enhance their profits based on their stake. Without the tool, holders of the digital assets would have to wait for several weeks to see an improvement in their rewards.

The staking tool also integrates shared master nodes technology. This technology groups people into segments so that users can invest together for the collateral amount. It’s an effective technology that employs the “strength in numbers principle” to provide users with access to masternode benefits that would not be present if they would have chosen to invest solely.

MyContainer supports over 40 different digital assets, with the number expected to be increased in the coming years. Among the currently supported digital assets include Divi Coin, Energi, Rupaya, Polis, BitBay, Monetary Unit Neblio, among others.


About MyContainer Power

MyContainer Power is an excellent feature on MyContainer that gives users access to the entire portfolio of PoS& Masternode coins listed on MyContainer. The feature allows you to solely focus on your assets plus their rewards without really worrying about updates, maintenance cost and performance of MyContainer. This is to mean that you only need to deposit coins on MyContainer and earn rewards. With MyContainer Power, you earn 100% of the rewards since all staking fees are cut to 0%.

MyContainer comes with two Power plan packages: Power Plus and Power Max.  The Power Max plan is charged at 8.90 EUR per month with users being able to access VIP giveaways and also comes with Reward Match Promise. The Power Plus version is charged at 3.90 EUR per month but users don’t have access to VIP giveaways and offers as well as Rewards Match Promise. Nonetheless, the two plans support the community by funding various projects through a community fund.

Activating MyContainer Power on your MyContainer account is quite simple. You simply select your preferred plan( Power Plus or Power Plan) and then pay the subscription fee using your preferred payment method. To deactivate MyContainer Power, cancel the supriction from your MyContainer account at any time.



One thing that makes MyContainer stand out among other automatic staking and masternode staking platforms is that it’s regulated. In fact, it’s among the few organizations in this domain that are fully regulated. The platform is regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit(FIU) and licensed (No. FVR000557 and FRK000469 ) to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against Fiat and wallet management. The fact that the platform is regulated assures users of high-level credibility and that their funds are regulated.


The Bottom Line

MyContainer is currently one of the best, if not the best, masternode and staking pools in the crypto space. With the platform, you can easily earn passive income by staking your coins instead of lying idle in your wallet. The fact that your every reward is subject to compound interest such that your chances of earning more increases with the staking period even make the platform special. And with direct Fiat to crypto and vice versa exchange services expected to be launched soon, the platform will indeed be the best masternode and staking pool in the crypto space.