MyContainer Review: Is it Safe and Legit?

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  1. Cyril says:

    Mycontainer is a SCAM. On January 14, 2021, I deposited 0.02803882 BTC to Mycontainer account and I purchased several coins for staking.
    Here are the details:

    Destination Address:3EJMvyxrHjqrWDQPArPWJEHrBn6HSsNVV3

    Transaction Hash:347831d6e8b6592b26b8c2a02339f8b7cdc76fc160ab51406da15a931af4a649

    I earned a total amount of 2400 Euros or $2908.38 in dollars. I tried to withdraw the balance of 0.028 BTC. My container asked me to submit my personal ID, recent billing statement, selfie with ID and today’s date to confirm it’s me. After I sent it to Mycontainer they refused to send me my money furthermore they blocked my account.

    This is truly terrible precedent that platforms like Mycontainer are setting for the crypto currency community.
    Does anyone know who can help me? Who owns Mycontainer? Where are they registered? What government agency regulates Mycontainer?

    These perpetrators must be stopped from stealing the hard worked money of their clients.

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