LocalCoinSwap Review: P2P Exchange Offers Dividend


The LocalCoinSwap is now on the run to build a P2P cryptocurrency exchange. This is a decentralized platform with P2P trading structure. The user must be happy knowing that there are no centralized bank accounts to be created; they do not need to go through any verification procedure and finally no limit on the transaction.

The entire users who are entitled to Cryptoshare (Dividend) are given to additional authority for holding the voting right in this platform which will indirectly help them to make a good decision. The entire Cryptoshare holder will eventually receive new ICO token list on their new platform. Finally, they will also receive special offers from all the companies who are trying their best to uplift the pre-ICO funding process.


localcoinswap review- A Peer to Peer Global Exchange


Platform overview: Localcoinswap Review

In the year 2017, the development of the LocalCoinSwap platform started. This platform was the best for elements and feature with all users on the great experience. But now the platform is in process of reshaping it by introducing new coins and bringing it to the social media platform. This is done after performing many types of research after looking over the security and hacking techniques previously.

They are willing to make it more protective for the users. The main focus is to make the platform safe, easy and enjoyable for the user. When the user goes through the sign-up process they do not need to face any registration procedure. Therefore it’s a quick process to access the platform and start trading directly.


Coins offered

LocalCoinSwap offers great benefits to their users by allowing them to trade all the popular cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This is a platform which is looking forward to development of budget and also towards the selection of wide range of popular coins. They are also planning to incorporate more for benefits of the users.


Escrow system

This is a platform which acts as a midway between the buyer and the seller. This is only to create a trusty atmosphere within the P2P transaction. We all have heard about the multi-signature transaction, yes LocalCoinSwap implement this option. This is applied to the profit of the user as they can perform the transaction with no risk as ensured by the platform. As soon as new trading technique is initiated by the traders or the users this platform takes good control of the cryptocurrencies for transaction procedure. But on the other hand, if you know the fiat currency payment is conducted directly by the buyer and seller. The buyer released the cryptocurrency as soon as the seller verifies the transaction that has been received.


Resolution of problem

If suddenly a problem pops up when the platform tries their best to solve the problem and settle down as soon as possible by each member. They look for probable occurrence for the problem which got started. Then the strict process of actions is taken with fair deals within the users. There lies a global support team which guarantees that all the users are available to solve all the trading issues that can happen anytime.


Community engagement

The community engagement is the only reason which has highly disappointed the user of this platform. Therefore now the platform ensures that all updates and latest news should be updated by the operational team.



Security is the key factor of all platforms. Therefore a devoted security team is appointed to ensure the safety of the private information of the users. Almost 96% cryptocurrency will be safeguarded into the offline wallet so that no hacking can ever damage the system. On the other hand, special audit team is appointed to keep updated with regular security procedure.


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