CryptoJacking: Hackers are Using Your Computer to Mine Crypto


We all have heard about the word Hijacking. Didn’t we? Yes, it’s a term that makes the world think twice about our security. Now a day a new term has aroused in the list of threats that the world today is facing and i.e. Cryptojacking. Here the desktop user faces a unique problem where their computer slows down and suddenly it restarts without their knowledge.





When a computer is control by an unknown source secretly to mine the cryptocurrency of the user. The unknown source secretly installs an application on the user’s computer without his concern to mine the cryptocurrencies. This act of threat is termed as Cryptojacking. This act of unknowing mining and making money takes place while the user is busy browsing or working on their desktop. A few times back there were many sites that used to control others computer by some software which showed irrelevant add and destroyed the internal systems.



  • An unknown user uses the JavaScript on the website page that leads them to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • When the user browses through the websites this JavaScript gets all details about those websites and secretly mine the cryptocurrencies without his concerned.
  • A JavaScript has a code that runs on the user’s desktop and the unknown user does not need to install this on any computer to run this application.



Cryptojacking can be performed in mainly two ways:

  • An unknown program is installed on the user’s computer that helps the stranger to mine all the cryptocurrencies.
  • A JavaScript in a browser helps an unknown person to mine cryptocurrencies unknowingly from the user’s computer.


In previous years cryptocurrencies have taken over the market and ranked among the top 10 and proved to be the best among the rest. Some most serious threat that an individual can face is related to the unknown member using the hardware and the electricity secretly and use of internet might reduce the speed henceforth. It’s quite similar to paying to an unknown source each day without any particular reason as to why. On the other hand, the pressure is created on the desktop each day which might eventually lead to a crash which again leading to paying long amounts.



Want to protect yourself from unknown Cryptojacking. Follow the following tricks.

  1. Stay alert which any transaction or browsing online. If the unknown source gets into the website then it will be quite easy to mine cryptocurrencies.
  2. The user may not but a small browser window might hide near the system clock. This browser keeps on running until the user recognizes it.
  3. Some anti-mining applications are available in Chrome. Some are namely as minerBlock.
  4. If the user wants to stop the loading of the mining scripts then they must turn off the Javascript. It might have a disadvantage for users as some sites might stop working if the Javascript to be turned off.


Cryptojacking can be used to hide all ads visible on any site. The user can take permission to use the system of any unknown operator for mining through Cryptojacking.


Due to the user’s greediness, some of the JavaScript miners are tremendously facing hateful threats. The website owners are taking big advantages to this situation. In the past mining was quite easy and relaxing but with time it faced many problems from both ends. Therefore to make these sites successful, one needs to have millions of users to keep using the websites. Among all this Monero has proved itself to be among the best in the top list in terms of mining. But as it is predicted this popularity might be lost due to reducing in supply with the help of increasing demand. Finally there is less scope for Cryptojacking to be spread is the negative sentiments in the media. As with the advance technology spreading any news is just the matter of some time.


A famous line states that that one should be safe than be sorry later. No individual wants their device to be controlled by an unknown user. One should be careful while using any browser. Have advanced technology is never a great achievement, but keep it secure with the updated security feature can be a cleaver act by the user. The worst thing about this Cryptojacking is that it affects the user’s desktop badly. So act smart and be safe with your browser.