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What is Oyster Pearl (PRL)? How to Buy PRL Tokens?

Modern web advertisements have become a considerable annoyance for the user. Recent consumer reports show that 43-73% of people...
October 1, 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Trade in 2018 – Do not miss your opportunity

We have over 1300 cryptocurrencies in the crypto sphere and new are being introduced almost every day. Not all of them, however...
September 14, 2018

KuCoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Listed Decred DCR

KuCoin announces today that they have listed Decred DCR. The DCR token is now available for deposit with trading pairs DCR/BTC ...
September 12, 2018

ox (ZRX Token) Gets Listed on KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin, the most trusted platform for trading cryptocurrencies proudly declares the listing of ox’s native token. ZRX is offici...
August 30, 2018

Cryptobanking and Laws Around the World

Cryptocurrency has gained the attention of traders and investors in the world market for the past few years. Many individuals h...
August 28, 2018

Tron Network (TRX) Is Listed At KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

KuCoin’s advance development aims to accumulate promising blockchain based decentralized projects. Today, they have liste...
August 28, 2018

Merculet MVP Is Now Part Of KuCoin’s Pool Of Promising Currencies

KuCoin announces today that they have listed MVP the native currency of the internet businesses focused decentralized project M...
August 27, 2018

Wagerr: A Potential Crypto Trendsetter

There are so many cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain variations today that most of them go largely unnoticed. We’re all f...
August 27, 2018

Locktrip (LOC) Token Is Now Accessible For Trading Today At KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin aims to unravel what blockchain can contribute to the world to make it fair to everyone. And today, they are proudly ann...
August 23, 2018

MoonForum – A Better Than Bitcointalk Cryptocurrency Forum Growing Fast

MoonForum is a place where you can discuss about airdrops, bounties, ICOs, the latest blockchains, comment the freshest news ab...
July 25, 2018