Best Ways To Buy and Sell Bitcoins With PayPal Instantly

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  1. Mike Grotton says:

    I bought some BTC with paypal through xCoin. They declined, I’m guessing because it was my wife’s card and she’s not on my account, but what came next is nothing short of financial fraud.

    Since it was PayPal, and their service is moving money from point a to point b, the charge to our card was immediate. Interesting side note, every-time you pay for a loan on xCoins it goes to a different recipient.
    Anywho, shouldn’t be a big deal because PayPal reversals are credited pretty much immediately. I know this because I’ve issued them and been issued them in the past.

    BUT, xCoins just couldn’t be honest about the situation. They told me that, their words:

    “Your credit card has not been charged. We placed a temporary payment authorization, which will expire automatically. There is no need to reverse the payment.

    Please allow seven business days to see the funds back in your account.”

    None of that is true. THEY did not put a temporary authorization, it’s a PayPal transaction. PayPal does the authorizing. And as I’ve said, PayPal reversals don’t take a week. They take more like … minutes? I’ve seen it take a day to be fair.

    No matter how you cut it, it’s all lies. And lying about financial matters is a federal crime, and it seems to be their policy to lie to customers repeatedly.

    For instance, when I confronted them with this they sent along this gem:

    “… However, PayPal has still processed the payment by mistake. ”

    So now PayPal made a mistake? Are you serious? When you checkout with PayPal you are sent TO PayPal to send money directly to a person. PayPal did exactly what they are supposed to do.

    All this dishonesty is just crazy. Don’t know how they stay in business as I’m sure I’m not the only person that ever had this problem with them. But if they make it a habit to put their lies in print to their customers, they might find themselves in a very unhappy space one day.

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