Best NXT Wallets | Top NXT Wallet List | 2022 Edition


NXT is a next-gen blockchain technology that aims to revolutionize and improve the functionality of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. NXT will build a more improved decentralized platform by eliminating the middlemen and third parties. It will bring around more technologies in the future apart from financial and banking applications for blockchain users.

NXT will also introduce modular toolsets and the NXT crypto coins that will facilitate crowdfunding and the governance industries with more improved productivity. In the NXT platform, users can create their own applications, tokens and currencies that can be used for trading and for various transactions through the Asset Exchange system.


best NXT wallets


Best NXT Wallets


  1. Freewallet

The NXT free wallet as the name suggests is absolutely free. The open source mobile wallet can be downloaded into your iOS or Android phones.


  • An important feature of free wallet is that the company retains all private keys of your wallet.
  • The wallet supports multiple currencies like BTC, ETH, and many others.
  • One of its security features is that all your assets are stored offline eliminating thefts and malpractices.
  • User’s funds are stored in cold storages.
  • Your account is secured by email or contact number verification as well as added security codes.
  • For updating NXT free wallet, users have to follow certain guidelines and steps.


  1. NXT Lite Client Wallet 

The NXT Lite Client wallet is a lightweight wallet and can be easily downloaded without any hassles. Users don’t need to download the entire NXT blockchain or customize their OS.


  • A simple and easy interface even for new users.
  • Supports single-node and multi-node functions.
  • NXT Lite can integrate with NXT Trezor in the future.
  • For older Windows OS, users need to install DirectX into their systems. For Windows 8 there would not be any problem.


  1. NXT Wallet Client 

NXT Wallet Client is supported by all the major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. But users need to update and install the latest version of Java into their system for running the wallet properly. The NXT wallet is available for Linux and is considered one of the best for Linux wallets.

The wallet can be installed easily on Windows 64-bit and Mac but for older Windows versions, a Linux package can be installed for smooth functioning.


  1. NXT Wallet Android

The NXT Wallet is for Android phone users and can be downloaded easily into their mobile phones. The wallet is still going through lot of moderation and upgradation processes. Users can create multiple accounts in the wallet. Moreover, all your passwords are encrypted to provide maximum security.

The NXT Android wallet has a backup system and you can view all your balances of the registered accounts.


  1. NXT Paper Wallet

The NXT Paper wallet is an offline wallet and thus is highly secure. Users need to log in only once to the wallet using the passphrase and the NXT address that is the login ID of the user that will be visible on the dashboard once logged in.

Users do not need to share passphrase for receiving money. Users only need to share their Account ID. But in case of sending funds, users will have to share their secret passphrase to complete the transaction.