7 Best Bitcoin Cash Debit Card | Top BCH Cards 2022


Bitcoin, the first crypto currency of the world had a hardfork of the blockchain to make the blocksize of 8 MB on Aug 1, 2017. This new born coin named as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after the hardfork. Bitcoin Cash is a peer to peer cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin but without high fee and unreliable transaction. BCH transactions are faster than the original BTC transactions. In this article we will discuss about best bitcoin cash debit card to spend your BCH coins with the card anywhere, anytime.


Best Bitcoin Cash debit Card - top BCH cards


Multiple independent teams of developers are working to for software implementation of Bitcoin Cash with great innovations and upgrades.Since the fork in 2017, BCH has been upgraded with the blocksize of 32 MB and many more exciting developments are on the way. There is also a whisper between the community about the possibility of overtaking of BTC by BCH.

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7 Best Bitcoin Cash Debit Card | Top BCH Cards:

If you are a BCH holder then this article is for you. Here is the list of secure, trusted and reliable BCH debit cards to help you selecting the best bitcoin Cash debit card for you. We will keep this list updated, so stay tuned with us for the latest updates. If you feel a BCH card is missing in the list leave you comment below.

Name/ImageSupported CoinsFeesRemark/FeatureSignup Link
uquid debit card
80+ cryptocurrencies including BCHCard fee $16.99, ATM: $2.5-$3.0
More Fee Details
Virtual, plastic, free POS transactions Go to website
coinbase card
BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETCCard fee: 4.95 Euro, Withdrawal fee upto 2%
More Fee Details
Contactless, Pin, 2FAGo to website
fuzex card
BCH, FXT, ETH-Barcode Display, Buttons, NFC, EVM Chip, AppGo to website
BTC, BCHCard fee $9.95, Conversion: 3%, Withdrawal fee: $2
More Fee Details
Visa powered, App, 2FAGo to website
BTC, DASH, ETH, BCHCard fee: EUR 20.00
Monthly fee: EUR 1.20.
Withdrawal fee: EUR 2.75
No bank connection, secure, Contactless, SEPAGo to website
Activation Fee : $5.00, Monthly Fee : $5.00 , Withdrawal : $3.00
-Go to website
Revolut-Metal- debit cards
BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRPFull fee detailsApp, Metal card, Crypto exchangeGo to website