A Complete Review of Exodus Wallet


To store crypto, we need a wallet that allows us to store digital coins safely. Many crypto wallet software is available in the market and Exodus is one of the best wallets in the market. 

To make things simple for users, we came up with a complete review of Exodus Wallet. So, just stay with us in this article. 


What is Exodus Wallet?

Exodus Wallet was launched in 2015 to store digital coins. It allows users to store more than 100 cryptocurrencies and provides a secure option to store cryptocurrencies. 

Earlier, there was only the desktop version of this wallet but then Exodus also launched its official app and now it has become more convenient for users. 

Exodus Wallet supports a variety of altcoins, which includes Bitcoin and some more cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies without needing registration. Exodus also employs a very simple payment verification system. Now, let us know about its prime features. 


Features of Exodus Wallet

The development team of Exodus Wallet comes up with some impressive features. Below, we have mentioned some of their main features. 

  • Exodus Wallet has a very smooth and simple navigation process, which allows users to store coins easily without registration or personal information. 
  • Users can download the Exodus Wallet app for free without any hassles. It is a secure hardware wallet with a one-click and easy-to-use layout where the transactions can be placed with ease of convenience. 
  • Exodus supports Trezor Model T and Trezor One Hardware Wallet to store cryptocurrencies safely. 
  • Exodus Wallet is also offering two different ways to restore the wallet. If you lose your coins or are stolen, you can recover them in different ways. 


  1. 12-words Passphrase

All the users are given a 12-word Passphrase at the time of creating an account. So, if you lose access to your wallet or your system is broken, don’t worry, you can access your crypto wallet with this Passphrase. 


    2.  Email Restoration

This is another effective way to restore your wallet by sending a code to your registered email account to access the crypto wallet. 


How does Exodus Wallet work?

The use of Exodus Wallet is not that complicated. Their main aim is to make the whole process of managing, accessing, and storing the Crypto more convenient. 


  • Wallet

Exodus wallet also functions by following a series of codes that allow users to manage and link their coins into different Blockchains. Generally, it stores three codes, primary keys, seed phrase, and the public address. 

The primary keys offer access to crypto coins while the public keys work as an address to the wallet. A seed phrase helps to regenerate the primary keys if they are lost by chance. 


  • Portfolio

The portfolio page of Exodus wallet is immersive, which gives complete access to all the relevant information. It also gives access to the breakdown of the coin that you owned and also its currency value against fiat currencies. So, you will get everything, which is mandatory to have in your wallet. 


  • Integrated with ShapeShift

The integration of the Exodus wallet with Shapeshift has made things convenient for traders. Shapeshift is a popular crypto exchange, which is praised for its intuitive user interface, easy navigation, and privacy features. 

So, users on Exodus wallet can trade directly on Shapeshift crypto exchange and make their experience versatile. It gives you extra speed while maintaining privacy. 



With the above information, we can say that the Exodus wallet is one of the best hot wallets available for beginners. Its ease of use is one of the best features, which keeps it ahead of other wallets. 

For buying and selling cryptocurrencies, users don’t need to put in extra effort, it could be done easily without requiring a lengthy process.