5 New Hot Trends In Crypto – 2020


Since their creation in the not-so-distant past, cryptocurrencies have attracted a great deal of attention, and their popularity is still accelerating. One of the reasons behind their success is the fact that they can be used anywhere around the world while ensuring that the users retain their anonymity.


trends in crypto


Currencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin let every individual use their assets as they see fit. The transactions are fast and direct – there is no middleman, and the money doesn’t go through any bank or a third party institution.

Cryptocurrencies users appreciate the time flexibility as well – the transactions can be made at any time; they’re not dependent on a bank’s working hours. If you want to read more about their benefits, go online and check out websites e.g., click here.

The world of crypto is continually developing, and the trends there are also changing fast. What are the newest and hottest novelties in crypto that rocked the Internet in 2020? Below, we present five of the most important trends that appeared this year.

1. Trading Bots

If a significant portion of the foreign exchange trading is automated, why not accelerate the process of cryptocurrency trading by letting the bots do the hard work? The so-called trading bots have appeared online recently, and their efficiency is interesting, to say at least. Their aim is, of course, to make a profit for the user.

What is more, the bots are programmed to copy the behavior and transaction history from the users who make the biggest profit, to maximize the possibility of success. This way users don’t have to spend long hours analyzing the behavior of experts; it can be done automatically.

There are various types of bots available to choose from. You can read some more about them, for example, here, and choose the one that’s the most suitable for your needs.


2. Lending Platforms

If you’ve associated taking out loans and borrowing money only with transactions in banks, you actually couldn’t be more mistaken. Now, lending and borrowing assets is also possible via cryptocurrency platforms that are dedicated to lending.

This kind of lending platform lets the cryptocurrency users exchange assets directly and quickly, skipping the middleman – the transfer usually takes up to two hours.  The lenders receive their interest in cryptocurrency as well. Some of the popular lending platforms are CoinLoan, BitFi, or Nexo. You can find a guide and more information about them on this page.


3. Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a trend in cryptocurrencies that allows users to gain a profit in return to verifying transactions. However, doing so requires a certain amount of technical and computing skills.

Nevertheless, there are numerous cloud mining platforms that are safe and easy to use, so if you’re willing to try cloud mining, it is an interesting option. Some of the most known and top-rated platforms of this kind are IQ Cloud Mining, CryptoUniverse.io, or Genesis Cloud Mining. More info on cloud mining can be found here.

4. Earning While Using The Brave Browser

Brave is an internet browser, just like Internet Explorer or Firefox. However, Brave is special, as it allows cryptocurrency users to earn money. How is it possible?

Similarly to any other browser, Brave displays ads to its users. Some of the people simply ignore the pop-up windows, while others simply click on the ads. The second option is far more profitable for those who use Brave, as it lets users make a certain profit – they get a small amount of money in a cryptocurrency in return.

Earning on ads in Brave is an easy way to make a profit; however, the amounts are usually not significant. With a little patience, though, it is possible to boost your crypto account a little.


5. Crypto Currency As a Major Financial Trend

It turns out that cryptocurrencies are no longer a niche that is only known to internet-savvy people. Recent research and financial analyses clearly indicate that crypto money might become a major part of the world of finance.

Major financial investors and institutions have entered the cryptocurrency investment – such as, for example, New York Stock Exchange or CME Group. Both are offering cryptocurrency services for various institutions. It is, therefore, evident that crypto is getting traction among major financial players.



It seems that the cryptocurrencies are here to stay. They are convenient, easy to use, and their popularity is growing. It is now possible to take out loans in, for example, Bitcoins, using crypto money for private or professional payments, or profit from the so-called cloud mining.

One thing is sure – the world of cryptocurrencies will be developing faster and faster, and its trends are certainly worth following.