Yumerium ICO Review: The World’s Best Blockchain Gaming Platform

With the popularity of blockchain technology within the few years, several blockchain based gaming platform has come up with different schemes. Similarly, Yumerium is also a gaming platform. Yumerium is the world’s best blockchain gaming platform till date. It provides its players the opportunity to make a good amount of money just by playing online games supported by its platform. The Users will earn tokens on behaving their playing games, reviewing and sharing those games. Yumerium is built on the blockchain technology to provide a secure, easy and open accessible gaming platform.


yumerium ICO Review


Yumerium ICO and Token:-

The Yumerium token or YUM is the user token to earn rewards from this platform during playing, reviewing or sharing the games available on the platform. The Developers of the games supported by the platform will decide the amount of reward to be credited to its users, depending upon playing games, sharing them on social media and giving reviews to these games. The developers will also provide a bonus system to its players for promoting and making their games popular.

Whereas, the token holder can use this tokens buying games and article from the platform.  The Yumerium’s token (YUM) ICO will be held in two stages- Presale and Crowdsale with a cap of 500 million USD. The tokens can be traded with the help of BTC, ETH and USD at a token price of 1YUM to 0.1 USD. The pre-sale will begin on 22nd April and will last up to 12th of May 2018. The participants of the token sale will get a token bonus.

Token: YUM
Price: 1 YUM = 0.1 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH,BTC, Fiat
Hard cap: 500,000,000
Countr: USA
Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist



This is a platform where all the gamers share their unique experiences with other members of the group which happens to be true in this market. All the gamers are well compensated with the YUM for that effort. The game developers can set up the rewards for all the gamers in the community with the Yumerium as they wish to. So now here all the gamers will be more incentivized to contribute to the community proactively.


Decentralized Platform:-

This is a decentralized payment platform with blockchain technology and smart contract. This platform removes the entire middle person whoever is there in between the gamer and the game developer. Now all transaction will happen directly between the two parties. All payments are done instantly with minimum transaction cost. The platform supports payment with the Yumerium. Other cryptocurrencies will also get added to this platform. Some of the cryptocurrencies are BTC and ETH.


Solution By Yumerium:-

Yumerium aims to solve all the existing problems which is high transactional charges or delay in the payment by providing the players a free, trustable blockchain based gaming platform. It will help by providing decentralized payment gateway, a crowdfunding platform, and a gaming platform which will reward its players with reward in the form of YUM tokens which will be useful in paying for games, articles etc.


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There is good news for online game lovers to earn reward in the form of token which can be used in buying and paying for different items. Yumerium is the world’s first online gaming platform based on the blockchain platform with the ‘earn-to-play’ model in the gaming industry. It aims to solve all the problems present in the existing decentralized gaming platforms so that the online gaming platform can get boost up with more gamers and provide more profit for both game developers and players.

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