Talao ICO Review: Tokenizing $1500 Billion Freelancing Industry

Talao ICO

Talao ICO

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8.5 /10

The blockchain is a technology which was originally devised to support the digital currency system but with time its potential and prospects are coming up in the light. Initially, there was rejection and heavy criticism, but with time the technology was revised. Now, this technology is more productive and businesses around the world are showing interest in it. To get a clear picture of this new technology imagines a spreadsheet which can be accessed from numerous systems over the internet. Users from any part of the globe can update the spreadsheet from time to time basis; others get to see it instantly. The blockchain is exactly the same.

Information which is stored on blockchain is shared on a sheet and this data is reconciled on time to time basis. This concept comes with a whole lot of benefits. To begin with, its data isn’t stored in one single place. All data or information stored here are open for public view and verification. When you use Bitcoin or online trading platforms this transaction is stored within the blockchain. What’s more, there is no centralized information storing system or platforms which can be corrupted by hackers. This system can be accessed by millions of systems from around the world with an internet connection. Indeed an amazing technology.

What is TALAO?

Talent and DAO(Decentralised Autonomous Organization) together is known as TALAO. This helps the new talent to built a reputation in the market. Instead of being talented time plays a major role to built a reputation in the market Talao enables to build a reputation. Talao helps in the mobilization of talent in the industrial as well as technological sector. This is the first decentralized marketplace under the blockchain technology.talao ico review

Searching for talent and recruiting it is one of the difficult and challenging tasks. Instead of immense growth of the recruiting companies, these problems remain unsolved. Till date talent hunt remains in hand of several agencies for which there is an alteration in the final cost. Such situations result in deconsolidation of such recruitment industry. Fortunately, blockchain technology offers a series of opportunity for such situation and gradually reduces the cost.


Impact of TALAO on the market:

  • A different level of professionalism will be enforced and a totally different way and techniques for client satisfaction.
  • The professionals will be ranked uniquely based on their talent and real pieces of information gathered.
  • The intermediaries will get eliminated all payments transactions will operate under smart contact
  • Multiple payment options will work together which includes both Fiat and digital currency.


Advantages of TALAO:

  • It will be time-consuming and the best talents will be extracted with less time effort and expenditure
  • The sorting of talent becomes fruitful and way more productive
  • The candidate s will have better qualification
  • The recruiting market reaches a different level altogether and touches the international scale.
  • A gain for the freelancers and a boost in the economy



Initial offerings by TALAO will be launched on 05/28/18. The total of the hard cap amounts to $20 million and the soft cap $5million. The tokens can be purchased with ETHEREUM.

To conclude It can be seen that there is a high level of potential within this block chain talent recruitment sector. Such ventures exhibit a large scale of profit and proper implication of talent.

  • Token: TALAO
  • PreICO Pric: 1 TALAO = 0.4875 USD
  • Talao ICO Price: 1 TALAO = 0.65 USD
  • MVP/Prototype: Click Here
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 100 ETH
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

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