Shivom ICO Review: Future of Precision Medicine and Genomics

The Shivom ICO is a platform that is changing the health management system by only contributing a healthcare built on the blockchain. This platform has a prior partnership with the GTG Labs which helps the platform to build up the largest sequenced genetic database globally. On the other hand, it has a partnership with the Indian government so that it can save the DNA on the blockchain.  This is a platform that is about to change the face of the future.

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shivom ico review


The Future

The Shivom platform is an essential project which helps to people to have their genome sequenced and then placed on the blockchain. Once this procedure is done the user can the sell the required data from the genome to the all medicinal companies, research organizations, universities and the governments as per their wish. If the user wishes to contribute their genome to their project then they can entirely own the rights to that. But the user can access it when they are authorized to the platform.



When an individual wishes to join this platform as a contributor they have to sign up into the platform, following this user will immediately receive a kit in their personal mail where they need to upload their own DNA sequence. This can be done by collecting the saliva and then returning it to the Shivom.

After completing the steps one can get information related to its health from the raw genetic data and one can also donate their own genome for any kind of research purposes.



In terms of the general benefits of genomic sequencing, it can help to:

  • The platform helps to recognize a particular drug which will be beneficial to a patient or would it be harmful to them.
  • Here the platform identifies the healthy patients and keeps them away from any types of diseases by finding the risk and early symptoms.
  • Correct prediction of the disease and accurately identifying disease is the main purpose of the platform.
  • The platform helps to choose the correct drugs for the patients. Therefore that directly cuts down the healthcare cost. Patients do not need to go through multiple examinations to choose the right drugs.
  • Helping all the medicinal companies to get precise information regarding the drugs in the clinical trials.


Data hub

With the help of this platform, all the users will get connected to the institutions. These institutions are looking for data for research works. Here the patient and doctor do not need to be connected physically to understand the problem and get the solutions. Here all documents are secured between the patient and the doctor who are accessing this platform. With the help of asymmetric cryptography, all the users of the platform are ensured that the public key holder can access the data globally.  The Shivom platform is now on its path to create a good genomics ecosystem on the blockchain. This will help to offer an open web marketplace.


Shivom ICO and Token

The OmiX is the token used in this platform. This token will help the user to access the platform.

  • Token helps in obtaining genomic sequencing kits for the users.
  • The third party provides fitness applications to benefit the user.
  • Creating the genomic database
  • The donors who pay to create accounts which will help them to take part in research studies.

Finally, the platform helps the users to access the account with the help of the OmiX tokens.

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