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Safe.Ad ICO

Safe.Ad ICO

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8.5 /10 is an online decentralized platform used to ensure file safety by encrypting and storing it in a secure manner. In addition to file storage, it also ensures the safety of users’ personal emails. It uses the technology of blockchain for the storage of data and associated public keys. It is designed in such a way that it supports all kinds of browser extensions, add-ons and plug – ins. It allows the users to have access, only after proper verification and authentication procedures, thereby ensuring complete safety and security.

It assures a protected email messaging strategy to its users. Its major responsibilities include the following:

  • Gauranteed protection of data or information
  • Maintenance of member identities
  • Facilitating unlimited file size (may be of any size)
  • Prohibiting advertisements, since it is an ad – free platform.

The web client code of is exactly compatible with the operating systems like Windows and MacOS. The data encryption in is usually performed by splitting the data into numerous pieces. The keys used in include 4096 – bit RSA, and 256 – bit AES and so on.


The email services offered by are completely compatible with all kinds of mail protocols available in the market. The data stored by is highly reliable, since it is encrypted with some advanced encryption mechanisms.

When an user wants to access the network, he must submit his appropriate source code, which will then be analysed properly by the team professionals. At the time of analysis, the obtained source code of the user must be matched perfectly with the client – side code. Only then, that particular user will be permitted to access

Anton Kochetkov is the Founder as well as the chief executive officer (CEO) of this platform.


safe ad ico review
 End-to-End Encrypted Email & File Storage;


The tokens of are usually referred to as SAFE tokens or Mail coins, which are nothing but ethereum (ETH) ERC – 20 tokens. These tokens are utility tokens of, where the value of 1 mail coin (SAFE token) is approximately $1 (1 US Dollar). At the time of initial coin offering (ICO), almost half of the total amount of SAFE tokens will be allotted for the token holders.

  • Total amount of SAFE tokens issued is 10,000,000.
  • Hard cap limit is 10,000,000 dollars
  • Soft cap limit is 3,000,000 dollars


Unique features of

  • It is a highly scalable platform that eliminates all kinds of issues associated with the present emailing services.
  • It is an open – source ecosystem with a distinct mechanism of spam protection.
  • It helps in the smooth delivery of emails to the recipients without any hurdles.
  • It gives bonuses of around 0% to 30% to the investors at the different stages of ICO.
  • It contains multiple data centers for the storage of data and its maintenance.
  • It does not need any special software or application for its access.
  • It supports all kinds of browsers available in the internet including chrome, firefox and internet explorer and so on.
  • It provides free but efficient blockchain integration services to the users.
  • It is compatible even with mobile devices, which means that the users can be able to access even from their mobile phones via the mobile application.
  • It finds numerous applications like video conferences, and chats and group calls and so on.
  • It imposes only very low accessing charges, in comparision with the other messaging platforms available in the market.
  • Newly added customers will not be imposed any charges for a particular period of time (most probably for the first 3 months).
  • It does not encourage any kind of third party or intermediary services for the storage of public keys within the system.
  • It never compromises on the quality of data storage.
  • With, the users can be able to send data of any size as per their wish, since it does not have any particular limit for data.

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Safe.Ad ICO And Links

  • Hard cap: $10M
  • Soft cap: $3M
  • Token Symbol: SAFE
  • Price 1 SAFE = 1 USD
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
  • Minimum contribution: 1 USD

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