MobileBridge Momentum ICO Review: Rewards Based Marketing Machine

The Momentum Token is said to the first blockchain and crypto-token which is completely based on the automation platform. This token helps the big companies to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto tokens. It can be also termed as the loyalty token as the user to can control their personal data with the help of this token. The main aim of the company is to build strong customer relationships which can be done only by using the Momentum Token.


mobilebridge Momentum ICO


Many customers still now do not believe in the traditional market which the companies completely understand. In the past, many loyalty programs have been conducted by the companies but still, they all just failed as the users never trusted this loyalty programs. Sometimes it happens that the points get wasted or expired.


How Does Momentum Token Work?

All the companies whoever wants to use token-based incentives are welcome in this platform as this platform is well known for its loyalty token systems.  These companies believe that if any person using any similar product then they can be active in the application over than 100 times and collect almost 40 customer data. These tokens also can be used to reward some particular brands.

This platform is aiming towards changing the idea how the companies think related to marketing and maximize the change process. It also helps to target all the users with the comprehensive data. This comprehensive data includes the data and the behavior. Therefore this directly helps the platform to better their offers on the data and also target better returns from the market on the investment that they have made.

The uses of this platform get full control over their own data. They also have the facility sell the data for tokens and gain profit out of it or keep it to them if they wish to. Here the cryptocurrency will not only be used as a loyalty token but also as a currency that will be used to pay for services or for any kind of exchange as the promotional rewards. These tokens are taken to be as the personal property of the user and they won’t be wasted if the users don’t even use them.



  • In this platform the consumers will not be only excited to trade, they will also promote the products and brands which they love.
  • All the rewards will be collected in the wallet which will be used for exchange between the loyalty programs or between the Momentum Tokens.
  • The user now can save their unused tokens. They can willingly trade with them or donate then as per to their wishes.


Market Strategy:

This platform helps the user to target the comprehensive use of the data. This includes the location, qualities and also the behavior of the user. It also lets all the active users have the correct incentives at the very right time. This in return helps them to maximize conversion.  Enhance the journey of the users and offers are given to them based on the data collected by the consumers themselves. Finally, the platform also allows the user to exchange branded reward tokens into other reward programs.


MobileBridge Momentum ICO

Token: MMTM
Price: 1 MMTM = 0.10 EUR
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 2500000
Hard cap: 42000000
Country: Switzerland


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Because of all this, the company has decided to create Momentum Token. This platform will be a digital reward platform which is quite tractable. The tokens can be used in this platform and as well as outside this platform for other tokens. Hereby this will comfort the users and will make them trust the platform. They will eventually believe that these loyalty rewards are owned by them and they have the full right to trade with them as per their wishes.

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