How To Start Trading Multiple Crypto Coins On Bitfinex

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4 Responses

  1. ET says:

    Hi. Have you have problems while withdrawing from Bitfinex? How long does it take? How do you usually withdraw coins from there and get them into your bank?

  2. RT says:

    Is there a way to trade/sell 100% of any kind of coin on Bitfinex? I have wallets with very small amounts of coins in them and i can’t move them because its such a small amount. It’s less than $2 per wallet and I get a warning that says it has to be more than that if I sell or trade. How do I find the max amount to trade so that my wallet amount is zero? I realize that $2 per wallet isn’t much, but every bit counts and it all adds up!

  3. Laok says:

    Hello , i need some help . i think i just made a mistake by sending ETH to bitfinex since they are not accept from SMART CONTRACT . it is possible to get my ETH back ? i sent it from LUNO . it been PROCESSING more than 13 hours and i tried to contact both side but no reply. thanks alot

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