FRGX Token to Be Listed on CEX?


FRGX Token, launched on the BNB Chain blockchain, has announced successful negotiations with one of the top 10 centralised exchanges. This means that in the near future, the project, which emerged just three months ago but has already caught the attention of crypto investors worldwide, will be listed on a major exchange. as per news buzz. The exchange’s name has not yet been disclosed, but the FRGX community, which boasts over 40,000 holders, is confident that the upcoming listing will help propel the coin into the top projects launched on the BNB network.


FRGX is an open-source token with limited issuance that entered the market just three months ago, at the end of December 2023. Work on creating the token began in 2022 – it took the project team over a year, with vast experience in launching crypto projects with a combined audience of over 1.6 million people, to develop an interesting, functional, and sustainable financial model for the project.


A key feature of the project is its complete decentralisation, with the team relinquishing control of the smart contract and handing over full control to coin holders. FRGX also employs a set of specific deflationary mechanisms, which contribute to its value increasing over time (for example, coin issuance decreases every day, creating scarcity). This has already attracted the attention of a wide audience of investors, reflected in the rapid growth in the number of token holders. Currently, FRGX has nearly 40,000 holders on the BNB Chain.


The project actively develops the utility of its token by integrating it into various products, such as the marketing platform Qornex, the mobile game Meo World, and the multiplayer game CLIX GAME. Additionally, developers plan to create a SocialFi ecosystem for launching products using FRGX tokens, further enhancing the coin’s attractiveness.


On decentralised exchanges, FRGX has already reached a daily trading volume of $2 million and a market capitalization of $9 million by the end of February 2024, allowing it to attract more attention every day. The expected listing on a major centralised exchange promises additional growth for the project and brings it closer to the team’s stated goal of reaching the top 10 BSC coins by the end of 2024.