17 Best Bitcoin Debit Card | Top Crypto Debit Cards 2021

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6 Responses

  1. Nishan says:

    An extensive list of all the available bitcoin debit cards. Wanted to suggest that you add Crypterium to the list as well. The Crypterium card will be available worldwide.

  2. Jimmy Peter says:

    List of almost all the scammers pretending to be giving out cards only to steal your money. Becareful guys

  3. Marko says:

    Fuzex, Paycent, Equicex and UQUID are scams, that much I know.

  4. laxer4 says:

    I will be afraid of using some of these, the safest option is to use cards launched by crypto exchanges. Like Coinbase or CoinDeal, which finally released their own debit crypto card coindeal.com/card. Using such things is so convenient, however it’s important to pay attention on some scams like some of these above

  5. Dave says:

    Hey laxer4. I have a crypto debit card Blackcatcard. I’m really concerned about security, safety of my funds so was trying to find smth really trustworthy. This card is of Malta financial institution so it is quite trustworthy. I know that many people don’t trust hot wallets, because they can be hacked. But here it is linked to a debit card with all degrees of protection.

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