9 Best Ripple Debit Card | Top XRP Cards 2023


Ripple is known as both a cryptocurrency and also as a digital payment network designed for financial transactions. Ripple is famous for its digital payment protocol which works on an open source and p2p decentralized platform which allows seamless transfer of money. It acts as a bridge between the currencies without differentiating fiat and cryptos. In this article we will compare best Ripple debit card to spend your XRP coins with the card anywhere, anytime.


Best Ripple Debit Card - top XRP cards


Currently, Ripple is one of the top cryptocurrency in terms of market worth which means it has a large number of investors. Ripple doesn’t have miners, in 2015 all 100 Billion tokens were issued. Ripple debit card is just like another banking card which allows users to purchase goods, make shopping around the globe.

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9 Best Ripple Debit Card | Top XRP Cards:

If you are a Ripple holder then you will like the article. Here is the list of selected secure, trusted and most reliable Ripple debit cards to help you selecting the best XRP debit card for you. We will keep this list up to date, so it is advisable to stay tuned with us for more updates in XRP debit cards. If you feel a Ripple card is missing in the list, leave your comment below.

Name/ImageSupported CoinsFeesRemark/FeatureSignup Link
wirex card
BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DAIMaintenance: $1.5/m, Card: Free, ATM Charges: $1.75-$3.50
More fee details
Cryptoback 0.5%, App, 2FA, SecureGo to website
uquid debit card
80+ cryptocurrencies including XRPCard fee $16.99, ATM: $2.5-$3.0
More Fee Details
Virtual, plastic, free POS transactions Go to website
spectrocoin card
BTC, ETH, XMR, XRP, and many moreCard fee: $50, Monthly Fee: $1,
ATM: $2.50
Large ATM Network,
Chip Card
Go to website
coinbase card
BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, XRPCard fee: 4.95 Euro, Withdrawal fee upto 2%
More Fee Details
Contactless, Pin, 2FAGo to website
Revolut-Metal- debit cards
BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRPFull fee detailsApp, Metal card, Crypto exchangeGo to website
USB-contact reader, NFC, Hardware wallet + card, EAL5+ securityGo to website
BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRPCard fee: EUR 20.00
Monthly fee: EUR 1.20.
Withdrawal fee: EUR 2.75
No bank connection, secure, Contactless, SEPAGo to website
paycent card
10+ cryptocurrencies including LTCCard fee: $49.00, ATM: $4.50
More fee details
App availableGo to website
bitwala ripple card
40+ cryptos including XRPCard costs $2, Monthly fee: $1,
Foreign exchange cost is 3%.
Contact less, Large Network, 3D secure, Go to website