Top Crypto Bots that you should be aware of


The rise of crypto trading also revolutionized the role of crypto bots. Yes, crypto bots are something that helps in placing automated trades without any manual interruption. 

Many people don’t know anything about crypto trading but don’t need to worry about it. Crypto bots place trades based on trading strategies programmed in the backend. 

It reduces overall risks and also gives more control than manual trading options. 

Well, some crypto bots have paid, while some crypto bots have free services. Confused? Don’t worry; here, we will provide you with information about the best crypto bots. 


Top Crypto Bots

Here, we have tried to give you the features of top crypto trading bots. Here we go.


# Pionex

Pionex is one of the best exchanges in the market, with some in-built trading bots. This exchange makes the whole trade easy, and I found this exchange very helpful since 2017. 

Pionex is a safe exchange that provides an authentic user experience, they also have a license from Singapore and US, so there is nothing to worry about. The best thing is that this crypto trading bot with some enticing features for everyone.


# Kucoin

We all know about the popularity of the Kucoin crypto exchange, as it comes with some new features of Grid Bots for spot and futures trading and a DCA bot. 

These bots are far better than any third-party bots; they can connect to the crypto exchange using API keys. Moreover, Kucoin also allows users to enjoy some free trading strategies. 

Many exchanges are stepping into the market with Grid and DCA bots to provide a better tools experience. Through this, they are also earning higher trading fees with this strategy. 


# Coinrule

Coinrule is another trading bot that comes with some advanced strategies for beginners. In addition, the platform has a simple user interface, which makes trading convenient for traders. 

It has more than 150 preset rules that make the trading system productive while meeting their needs. Apart from that, the platform allows numerous trading strategies, which include stop loss, take profit, and technical indicators. 


# Cornix

Cornix is also a popular automated crypto trading platform. They have a straightforward user interface, and this platform is combined with cutting-edge software, which allows users to create their bot in just three clicks. This is one of the main features of why we added this platform to this list. 

They have a big marketplace, which has responsive support in the industry. They also provide optimal security. Moreover, they have also added DCA bots on their platform. Users can also try its free version, and there is no need to add credit card information. 


# Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a paid auto trading platform for rebalancing. It is quite different from other trading platforms, which automate trading with a balanced portfolio as per a specific ratio.

This bot is mainly designed for indexing, portfolio management, and strategy backtesting. Its best part is to balance the portfolio when you have many coins, and it supports more than ten exchanges. 

Shrimpy executed a few traders daily, which is a better option for a holder. Moreover, they also have a copy trading feature through which users can copy the trades of other crypto traders. Finally, they also have a chat box AO where users can shill their coins without hassles. 


Final Words

We live in a modernized era, and that’s why the role of crypto bots is revolutionizing. It is a perfect option for beginners who don’t have knowledge of crypto trading but strive to be a part of this market. We hope that this information part remains helpful for you.