SecuX W20 Trend Micro Hardware Wallet – Review And Explained


As cryptocurrency investing becomes more mainstream, security is a top concern. You want a hardware wallet that will keep your assets safe from hackers and scams without sacrificing convenience or functionality. The SecuX W20 wallet with Trend Micro aims to strike that balance. With a sleek but durable build, a simple yet secure interface, and a dedicated scam alert feature, the SecuX W20 makes a compelling case as a hardware wallet option for most any cryptocurrency investor looking to securely store, move and trade digital assets with confidence.

Introducing the SecuX W20 Trend Micro Hardware Wallet

The SecuX W20 is a hardware wallet developed in collaboration with Trend Micro to provide advanced security for your digital assets. This wallet aims to prevent vulnerabilities like phishing attacks, malware, and server hacks that software wallets face.

The SecuX W20 is a small device about the size of a car key fob that allows you to store the private keys to your cryptocurrency wallets offline. It uses a secure chip to isolate your private keys from the Internet, eliminating risks from cyber threats. To send transactions, you connect the W20 to an Internet-enabled device, enter your PIN, and confirm the transaction details on the W20’s screen.

This wallet supports major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and ERC-20 tokens. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The W20 comes with a USB cable to connect to your devices.

A standout feature of the SecuX W20 Trend Mirco edition is its scam alert system. When you connect the device, it automatically scans for known phishing sites and warns you if you’re on a malicious website. This helps prevent you from entering your private keys or sending funds to scam sites.

The SecuX W20 offers bank-grade security for digital assets in a portable, easy-to-use device. For under $150, this hardware wallet provides essential protection and peace of mind for any cryptocurrency owner. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to securely buy, trade, and store virtual currencies, the Secu XW20 deserves your consideration.


SecuX W20’s Key Features and Specifications

The SecuX W20 hardware wallet by Trend Micro offers several useful features for securely storing your digital assets.

Advanced Security

The SecuX W20 provides maximum protection for your cryptocurrency and private keys. It uses a Secure Certified CC EAL5+ Element chip to isolate your keys from the internet, keeping them safe from hackers and malware. The wallet also requires a PIN code to access your funds for an added layer of security.

Scam Alert

The SecuX W20 includes Trend Micro’s scam detection technology to warn you about suspicious websites and phishing attempts. Whenever you enter a website URL, the wallet will check it against Trend Micro’s database of known crypto scams and alert you to potential fraud. This helps prevent you from entering login credentials or sending funds to a scam site.

Supports Multiple Currencies

The SecuX W20 currently supports NFTs and over 1,0000+ cryptocurrencies including all major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. You can store multiple digital assets on one device and the wallet will automatically update when new currencies are added.

Easy to Use

Despite its advanced security features, the SecuX W20 has an intuitive user interface that is simple to navigate. You can easily send, receive, buy, sell, and exchange crypto directly within the wallet app. The wallet also generates reports so you can view balances, transactions, profits and losses across all your assets.

Durable and Portable

SecuX W20 X TrendMicro Scam-alert Hardware Wallet for NFT and Crypto

The SecuX W20 is a hardware wallet, so your private keys are stored on the device rather than online. It has an IP68-rated durable metal case that is water and dust resistant. At the size of a USB drive, the SecuX W20 is also highly portable so you can access your funds anywhere. Overall, the SecuX W20 is a well-designed, user-friendly hardware wallet ideal for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency holders.

SecuX W20’s and Trend Micro’s Scam Alert Feature Explained

Trend Micro’s SecuX W20 hardware wallet features an innovative scam alert protection system to safeguard your digital assets. This additional layer of security helps prevent you from unknowingly sending funds to an incorrect recipient.


The Scam Alert Protection

The SecuX W20 wallet incorporates a scam alert system that detects if the recipient address you enter matches known scam addresses compiled in Trend Micro’s database. If a match is found, the wallet will warn you that the address appears suspicious before you confirm the transaction. This alert gives you an opportunity to double check that you have entered the correct recipient information before potentially losing your funds.

To enable the scam alert protection feature, you must first sync your SecuX W20 wallet with Trend Micro’s scam address database. This is done by connecting your wallet to the SecuX mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. The app will automatically update the database on your hardware wallet to contain the latest known scam addresses. It is recommended you sync your wallet to the app regularly to ensure maximum protection.

Once syncing is complete, the scam alert system will activate whenever you go to send digital currency from your SecuX W20 wallet. If the recipient address matches an entry in the scam database, a warning message will display on your wallet screen indicating the address appears to be linked to fraudulent activity. At this point, you should double check that you have entered the correct address and that the recipient is legitimate before proceeding to confirm and broadcast the transaction.

The scam alert protection adds an important safeguard for your cryptocurrency holdings on the SecuX W20 wallet. While no system is foolproof, this additional check can help prevent costly mistakes and thwart attempts by malicious actors to steal your funds through fraudulent recipient addresses. By syncing your SecuX W20 regularly with Trend Micro’s mobile app, you can have greater peace of mind that your digital assets remain secure.


Is the SecuX W20 Worth Buying? Our Final Verdict

After reviewing the SecuX W20 hardware wallet, we believe it is a worthwhile investment for those looking to securely store their digital assets. This wallet provides enterprise-level security features for individual users at an affordable price.

The SecuX W20’s scam alert system helps detect fraudulent websites and phishing attempts, providing an additional layer of protection for your funds. Its secure element and tamper-proof design also make it very difficult for hackers to access your private keys. For these reasons, the SecuX W20 is a highly secure way to store cryptocurrencies and tokens.

However, the SecuX W20 may not suit every need. Its minimalist design only supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies and does not have a large storage capacity. The wallet is also not very portable due to its size. If you trade a variety of digital assets frequently or want a wallet that easily fits in your pocket, you may prefer a software wallet or another hardware option.

For long-term storage of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, though, the SecuX W20 is an excellent choice. Its advanced security features and durability provide peace of mind that your digital assets will remain safe for years to come.

Overall, the SecuX W20 hardware wallet is a worthwhile investment for security-conscious individuals looking to store cryptocurrency for the long run. While it may lack some functionality, its scam alert system and tamper-proof build make it one of the most secure wallets available. If safekeeping your funds is a top priority, the SecuX W20 delivers exceptional protection for your digital assets at an affordable cost. For these reasons, we highly recommend the SecuX W20 to anyone serious about cryptocurrency security.



With the rise of both legitimate cryptocurrency interest and scams trying to steal digital assets, having robust security tools has never been more important for crypto investors. The Trend Micro and SecuX W20 hardware wallet provides an innovative solution with a built-in scam alert feature that can help protect your valuable cryptocurrency investments. By offering an easy-to-use yet highly secure cold storage wallet, the SecuX W20 gives you peace of mind that your digital currencies are safeguarded. While no solution is 100% foolproof, the SecuX W20 hardware wallet offers an compelling option for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies with confidence. Overall, the Trend Micro SecuX W20 could be a smart choice for crypto investors seeking an all-in-one secure storage and scam prevention solution.