Changelly Review – Best Instant Crytpo to Crypto Exchange


We all have heard about crypto-currency, right? It is said to be a digital value that works in such a way that there is an exchange of money, which is said to be more secure and digitalized in manner. One of the first and decentralized networks was the Bitcoin. It first came into existence in the year 2009. But in due time it faced problems such as it was hard to understand, it was slow for an online transaction, it has no customer protection and so on.


Changelly review exchange


In the year 2013, the Changelly service was first created and it came into use as an independent service in the year 2015. We can say Changelly is a service that exchanges multi-currency. It was created by MinerGate. They are the largest network of cryptocurrency who makes their project detectable in the field of digital finance in the word. It has been currently popping up into many social media all over the world but the service is very different from what exactly people have thought it could be in real.


In the online trading platform, Changelly is suggested as the best and the most rated crypto exchange among them all. The first and the foremost aim of Changelly are to build a strong network between the customers and the cryptocurrency chain network. It links up to the customers and their similar trading groups. When it comes to exchanging of money this platform gives an individual two option to transfer or collect money, first the crypto-to-crypto and the second is flat-to-crypto. It is said that liquid transaction for the customers has become very safe and easy.


Highlighted features of this service- Changelly Review:

  • The reason for the customers to like this service is because they can create an account and keep a track of their transaction.
  • The transaction process is done by simple means in a way that the customers just need to enter the amount of currency they want to exchange to the other one and the transaction is done and completed.
  • There is only 0.5% commission based on the crypto-to-crypto transaction.
  • There is no limit to the transaction and that helps in removing the centralization of currency exchange.
  • It has proved itself to be the most trustable site.
  • The service is very comprehensive and interactive.
  • It gives the customers an opportunity to use MasterCard or Visa card for the worldwide transaction process.


How to Buy AltCoins Instantly with Changelly?

Suppose a customer needs to exchange currency from BTC (Bitcoin) to XRP (Ripple)

  • Enter into the exchange amount page
  • Click on the Exchange button
  • On the next page, they will give you the exchange rate


changelly review 1


  • On Next page, customer needs to enter the wallet address, as they wish to receive the transferred crypto-currency

changelly review 2


  • Before depositing the amount it will give their customers all the details in the address

changelly 3


After reading to details properly click on the confirm and make payment continue

changelly - how to convert coin instantly


Within few minutes to an hour, the transaction is completed. No money is ever stored by the Changelly as every single transaction is processed and the coins are exchanged and then they are transferred to the customer’s wallets. All transaction remains unnamed and there is no need of email confirmation during the process or after the process is done.


This service has become absolutely important for the people who work in this cryptocurrency network, such as the investor, market, and miners. This is because it is the only place where one can find huge cryptocurrency in this internet world. This service also has a very exciting income source. If someone refers to another person to use this site then Changelly will let you earn about 0.5% on every person you refer. Similarly, every time that person makes a transaction on this site, you will earn 0.25% on every amount.


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So now to conclude this we can say that Changelly is a very helpful as well as a quick medium of transaction. It has become the most reliable service to all individual in the work of online transaction. Hope this Changelly review will be helpful for the reader. If you have any doubt or suggestion, please leave a message in the comment section below.