Best Exchange to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG)


Due to the fork in the Bitcoin blockchain, two new coins Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) were born. Since this cryptocurrency is new, due to technological limitation as well as the demand for the coins in exchanges, only a few are supporting these coins and there is not much information about wallets those are supporting these coins. Below is the list of few exchanges where an investor can buy, store, and trade their BTG or BCH.




Best Exchange for BTG and BCH/BCC



A new token introduced into the market acting as a loyalty reward in the token market. These tokens are equalized to loyalty points which users can use as a portion of their trade in the market. As the user will start gaining more and more exchanges will gradually decentralize and the owner will become powerful. It has certain features such as Market Maker, Smaller Customers, and lastly the Companies and Projects. Its only aim is to create a platform that will be only customer-centric and liquid digital asset exchange place. Signup for Bitfinex Account



This is becoming the most popular exchange which can be easily compared to the Chines Whales. This purely deals with the only cryptocurrency and not with any other fiat currencies. They have a great Matching Engine which has an ability to sustain 1,400,000orders/sec approximately. This is not just a numerical digit but only this digit can make Binance the fastest exchange in the market at this present time. They have tolerance towards multilingual languages including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. It has also promised to add more languages for the future betterment. Signup for Binance Account



It is believed that at this trading exchange platform all perfect trading tools along with a variety of high-grade tokens can be best for their users. It is a global trading platform along with a multi-currency support system. This platform was started with an agreement with an amount of 6 million euro scheme. This was a joint project between the software developers, financial professionals, and experienced traders. There is a huge advantage of using this exchange such as there is no limitation on deposition or withdrawal of the assets. There are more than 150 instruments which are available. There is a high level of security only for the users.  Signup for HitBTC account



This is a famous exchange platform based in Russia. They have a basic user agreement rule. In this agreement by default when a user is visiting the site has already accepted all the given agreements. The cryptocurrency that is been showcased is determined to be on the Stock Exchange when at any time can be removed without prior notice.  The users are allowed to transact anything. There are software and bot trading tools available in the market for advanced trading users. Once the transaction is complete they are regarded as final and not refundable. Here all the Stock Exchange calculation is only showed accurately by 8th decimal place. They pay great attention to the protection of the transaction of the user. The users might have confidential data that needs to be protected.  Signup for YoBit Account 



This is Japanese based as well as the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange. This has expanded over the US market presently. Therefore it is helping users to trade between Dollars and Bitcoin. It has approval to regulate its services within 34 states. They generally target professional traders and all the institutions in the US. It can be recorded as the largest monthly transaction that happens along with having the maximum number of users. According to the current record, it is supporting multi-virtual 1 currency trading pairs. This trading pairs including the Ether and the other one is the Bitcoin Cash.  Signup for Bitflyer Account