Best Crypto Trends to follow in 2023


As we all know, the crypto industry has faced a massive downfall in 2022, which is a turbulent year. The most reputed coins, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have lost their values by more than 60%, which no one expected. 

The collapse of FTX was the breaking news; the liquidity crunch of more than $8 million stunned everyone. Binance is also out of the deal; now let us know the crypto trends we should follow in 2023 for the best investment decision. 

Crypto Trends to follow in 2023

Well, it is a goodbye to 2022, and here we are highlighting some future trends in 2023. 

# Government will introduce centralized cryptocurrencies

After analyzing the rise of crypto evolution in the ecosystem, many countries plan to launch their digital currency. The Bahamas is the first to launch the digital Bahamas in 2020. 

China has followed what it did, and they have also planned for it, and their digital Yuan came up with their pilot version. This year they will launch their digital currency in the whole country. 

It is expected that the US and some other countries are also working on it; they might also launch their digital currency soon. 


# NFTs Revival

New things are always waiting in the market, and that makes the end of a particular revolution. This happened with the NFT market, as it is volatile, and the fluctuations are standard.

As we know, Opensea is the largest marketplace for digital collectibles, but it has seen a significant downfall this year. 

It is a complicated argument to say that trading volume will bounce back on Opensea. Experts have different views; some have predicted that the market is dead, and some expect it to bounce back, but it will take some time. 


# Launch of Meme Coins

The first meme coin was launched in 2013, which was Shiba Inu. But everyone got to know about these meme coins only after the rise of Dogecoin, which made entry into the billion market cap club.

More than 200 meme coins are registered in the ecosystem, and it is predicted that more will come in the next year.  

The latest meme coin is Tamadodge, which can be earned by playing games, and users can also make purchases via fiat currencies. 


# More investment in Stable Assets

As we know, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and investors can lose their money anytime. That’s why many people started trusting stablecoins, relatively less volatile than cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

This quality makes it an ideal option for investors, and people can easily safeguard their funds in terms of volatility, and there will likely be more investment in Stable Assets.


# More Exploration of De-Fi

You might hear about Decentralised Finance, an alternate world of investment that relies on cryptocurrencies. 

Today people are looking for a more convenient option for making transactions, and Decentralised Finance is something they are looking for. 

There will be no control of central authorities over it. All the transactions will be recorded in a public ledger. So it goes with smart contracts, which make all the transactions without third-party interruption. Here, De-Fi is in its infancy stage, which will get upgraded very soon for the user’s convenience. 


Final Words

Following Crypto, Trends might give you certain benefits if you are an advanced or regular trader. Staying updated with these things will provide you with numerous advantages over it. So, make a deeper understanding of all the points we have covered above and make the most out of it in 2023. We hope things are clear to you about the crypto trends that can boom in 2023.