Belfrics Review : Exchange to Buy, Sell and Trade Bitcoin at Minimal Fee


Belfrics is an online platform or network for the trading (buying or selling) of crypto currency called Bitcoin. Such trading can be done by the traders (users) from anywhere in the world at any instant of time.


It comes under the category of financial trading. It was launched in June 2015 and is considered as a leading exchange for bitcoins all over the world. In addition to India, its services are being extended to some other countries including Singapore, China, Indonesia, Dubai and so on. It offers a distinct wallet for the storage of bitcoins and also offers simple and easy payment options with those bitcoins. This means that the payment transactions can be done directly from the Bitcoin wallets. Some of the channel partners of Belfrics include financial advisors, mutual fund advisors, real estate agents and so on.


Belfrics Review - Exchange to Buy and Sell Bitcoin In India


The main motto of Belfrics is to avoid the hassles of various types of currencies, by introducing a unified globe with a single currency called bitcoin. The wallets of Belfrics are bullet proof in nature and are highly safe for making transactions.



Bitcoinist a kind of decentralized crypto currency, which is referred as virtual currency (Doesn’t exist physically). It is introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Act as an innovative and open – source payment system, which can be accessed publicly. Bitcoins do not require any intermediary for making transactions. Instead, they permit the users to make direct transactions with very low transaction charges.


Unique features of Belfrics:

  • It is a highly secure platform for Bitcoin trading so that the numbers of traders using this platform are increased day by day.
  • It contains a team of professional members, who are experts in trading methodologies.
  • It uses several high-speed cutting – edge technologies and delivers high-quality services to the users.
  • It contains a simple and easily usable interface.
  • It contains a team of customer support, who are available on a 24*7 basis to solve the customers’ queries.
  • It uses several intelligent trading algorithms and highly proven technologies.
  • It does not encourage counter parties since all its trading positions are completely funded with bitcoins.
  • It provides outage free services with the help of its distributed and clustered server architecture.
  • Depending on the priority of time or cost, it matches the appropriate orders to the customers.
  • It allows the users to withdraw funds, according to their wish. Also, the funds are kept free till the completion of execution.
  • It ensures speedy access with the help of Geo IP routing.
  • It offers efficient and effective trading services by ensuring high liquidity.
  • In order to ensure fast failovers and DDOS resilience, it operates with DNS failover.


Steps to perform Bitcoin trading in Bbelfrics:

  • Creating a free account by completing the registration process.
  • Once the registration is complete, funds should be added to the wallet.
  • Adding bank account for getting the payments from the network.
  • Performing the process of trading by making Bitcoin transactions.


Payment details:

  • It accepts Bitcoin payments, thereby avoiding the currency conversion charges and credit card processing charges.
  • It facilitates instant payment transfers through mobiles, desktops or laptops.
  • Bitcoin payments are completely free of chargebacks.
  • It avoids third party hacking while making transactions.
  • It facilitates instant processing of payments.


Applications of Belfrics:

  • The users can make use of this platform for online shopping purposes.