Millionero: The New Market Leader For Crypto Beginners Globally


Crypto is gaining popularity with every passing day as an asset class and a safe haven for traditional investors, as well as a brand new and exciting sector for tech enthusiasts and those seeking financial freedom, free of the supervision of any authority figure. However, what is it that all these newcomers need to safely enter said crypto space?

For those of us who have been in the crypto side of the financial world for a while now, it’s safe to say that we all wish our onboarding to crypto space had been a little smoother, and the learning curve hadn’t been so steep. We know the need of the hour to be simplified, uncomplicated mediums of exchange and investment for cryptocurrencies, so new traders have an experienced hand guiding their transactions, instead of having incomprehensible jargon thrown their way that makes them feel small for not being in the know of particular attributes of the crypto space.

Crypto beginners need onboarding platforms that are inclusive, that can teach them the ropes of crypto trading while also keeping them safe from the crypto-specific risks they are yet not completely aware of. This is where Millionero comes in- a simple exchange platform on its way to greatly influence the global crypto trading space.


What is Millionero?

Millionero is a relatively new exchange in the global crypto scene. At first glance, they have brought together features that might not seem exceptional to you: there’s 100x leverage for crypto perpetual trades, a hefty referral program, and copy trading, not exactly attributes we haven’t seen before. So why is Millionero unique?

Millionero comes up with the goal to create an exchange platform that caters to the needs of beginners to the crypto space, and their USP is based around that very vision; Millionero combines all these not-so-exceptional qualities, and presents them altogether in an exceptional package where a beginner trader is made to feel safe and is guided throughout their journey of crypto trading. From signing into the platform to funding their wallets to making their first trades to receiving profits and withdrawing them: Millionero creates a smooth and seamless user experience.


Let’s check out this smooth and simple process we have mentioned step by step:

  • First, you sign up on the platform with just two simple pieces of information: your email ID and your password.
  • You log into your account, and complete the mandatory KYC to start trading. This feature is necessary to ensure no bad actor onboards the platform.
  • You fund your Millionero wallet, and transfer the amount you deposit to either the spot or perpetual exchange- whichever suits your fancy.
  • For deposits, you are provided multiple options like Transak, Simplex, and Banxa which let you use your fiat money to buy some crypto and fund your Millionero wallet!
  • Once your wallet is funded, you move on to the spot market, if that is the kind of trade you wish to make. The market lists the current price, the highest and lowest prices in a certain period of time, and the volumes for the currency pair you select. You simply head over to the order book, choose your preferred type of order, and make the trade.
  • Similarly, on the perpetual exchange, you are provided only the necessary information. With a feature called Millionero Perpetual Max, you can borrow up to 100x of your initial deposit as leverage to make a trade, but that is not where the benefits of Millionero stop. The platform caps your leverage at 3x as a default so beginner traders wouldn’t take risks they don’t understand! Furthermore, there is a hedging feature that helps you protect your investment automatically just in case the market moves against you!
  • As additional perks, Millionero firstly brings a referral program, where you can earn up to 55% of the fees your referrals pay to the Millionero platform! What’s more, your referrals can avail a 10% discount on all their trades on Millionero whenever they use your referral code. Sweet, right?


  • There’s also a very useful copy trading feature, so beginners can simply choose a trader and copy their trades through their own accounts. This way, you get to watch a pro in action and learn from them while you also earn profits from crypto trading!


  • All these features come together to offer you a smooth sailing journey in crypto trading and investing, and finally, the withdrawal process of your income earned is quite simple too! The platform gives you a range of options that let you withdraw your funds in choice cryptos like BTC, ETH, and USDT, and there’s even an option for you to withdraw your funds in fiat money without going through the hassle of navigating multiple platforms for currency conversion.

And so Millionero makes the entire crypto trading experience simple for you, true to their word as a crypto exchange!

Millionero: the Upcoming Crypto Market Leader

The exchange has recently received the accolade of the Best Crypto Platform 2023 at the Crypto Expo Asia, which goes on to show just how true Millionero’s vision and functionalities have rung with the users. The exchange is already operational in multiple countries of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and it’s safe to say that it’d continue to climb higher in the coming days as it goes for true global expansion!

If you are a beginner to crypto trading, Millionero is certainly worth a shot.

Sign up on Millionero and start crypto trading today! You can further follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for exciting updates!