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When I started with virtual currencies I always looking for information about which coin will go up and whether the coin I am holding is about to fall. Every time I tried to read blogs, forums and as a result, sometime I was able to make a huge profit but I missed many chances due to lack of information.


There are a lot of forum on the Internet covering this issue where the user is sharing latest info related to cryptocurrencies. Still, It is difficult to cover them on the go. Whatsapp or Telegram is always a better Idea to get connected. We have made Whatsapp and Telegram group where members can share and get information related to crypto coins.


Points to remember:

  • We will not reply to personal messages to us on Whatsapp/Telegram.
  • Please Don’t share tricks and loot offers or affiliate/promotional links.
  • Spamming is strictly prohibited. It will take few seconds to block a spammer from the group.
  • Healthy discussion is appreciable.
  • Sharing links are allowed but posted material should be useful for the members.
  • Never share your sensitive information with the group.


How to Join

Join our group directly through invite link. Open these links in your Telegram/Whatsapp on a mobile phone:

Telegram Group Link:



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