Zero Carbon ICO Review: Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain

Zero carbon project is an online platform used to tackle climatic changes with the help of advanced blockchain technologies. It also uses international carbon credits, in addition to the blockchain strategies. It meets the supply demands by incorporating batteries for the extraction of energy. It is primarily utilized for the purpose of minimizing carbon emissions. It is also used to beat the price of fossil fuels and renewable energy resources. It creates faster impacts over carbon emissions. The electricity released from the fossil fuels is highly affordable in nature, so that it is normally chosen by the consumers of this platform.


The term ‘zero carbon’ indicates renewable energy associated with the wind and solar systems. It also denotes the energy associated with the geo – thermal or hydro sources. The transaction costs obtained from the users are normally spent for the development of the platform.

It mainly focuses on attracting suppliers with best deals and price rates. It incorporates some third party crypto currency exchanges for contract completion.


zero carbon ico


History of Zero carbon project:

Derek Myers is the Founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this platform. It is located primarily at Sydney and London. Its partnership concerns include Amazix, Beond, and Luna labs and so on.

The two major missions of the zero carbon team is to introduce a carbon – free world and to assist its clients in reaching their ambitions.


Zero carbon ICO Token details:

The tokens of zero carbon project are usually called as ‘Energis tokens’, which are nothing but a type of utility tokens. They are ethereum ERC – 20 tokens, basically built to offer incentives to the valuable consumers of the platform. All kinds of transactions made with the energis tokens are managed by the use of smart contracts. Only sophisticated buyers with greater experience and knowledge are permitted to purchase energis tokens. In addition to the benefits, energis tokens also have some associated risks. The tokens, which are left unsold will be burnt at the end of the sale.

Token: NRG
PreICO Price:1 NRG = 0.10 USD
Price:1 NRG = 0.2 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

Working procedure of Zero Carbon market:

Fossil fuels generally releases zero carbon energy, which is sourced by the suppliers of the zero carbon market. The suppliers have to face the carbon emissions by paying a small amount of premium. Some other sources of zero carbon energy include nuclear generators.

Initially each and every supplier of the zero carbon project is allowed to submit their offers and deals. The consumers are then allowed to select the best and cheapest deals by making proper comparisons. Such comparisons are usually made with the help of an online business auction system and household switching system.


Unique features of Zero carbon project:

  • It is an open – source platform that allows all kinds of users to improve or change the zero carbon technology.
  • It avoids catastrophic risks produced by the climatic changes.
  • It manages the global problem of climatic change.
  • It imposes only very low expenses, in comparison with the renewable energy technologies.
  • It gives various rewards to the users with the help of energis tokens.
  • It provides a variety of benefits to both the consumers and the energy suppliers.
  • It gives only a limited access in order to ensure safety.
  • It contains a professional team with a vast experience in energy markets.

Categories of people in Zero carbon project:

  • Buyers or energy consumers
  • Sellers or energy suppliers.

Categories finding applications with Zero carbon project:

  • Household or individual consumers
  • Businesses.

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