XBrick ICO Review: True Crypto to Crypto Exchange

The blockchain is indisputably a resourceful invention which is bringing about a revolution in various sectors of the market. Its evolution has brought good news not only for businesses around the world but also for its beneficiaries. But very few individuals will know about Blockchain and its role in Bitcoin or other online digital currency trading platforms. The blockchain is the underlying technology behind digital currencies and it comes with wide range of features. The rapid rise and growth of digital currency prompted many exchanges to set overnight. There are too many operational problems. There are several deficiencies as well due to such hurry. Security issues, poor trading system, and several other unsophisticated functionalities are experienced; hence the market is taken over by XBrick eliminating all such problems and flaws.

xbrick ico review

 XBrick is blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange from Australia. The users are able to purchase and sell currency. There is certain technical aspect like:

  • Atomic multi-cast is expected in solving the matching engine order reliable multi-cast along with the entire ordering.
  • The flowline matching technology which is based on the unlocked order sequence queue for providing prompt order matching.
  • A synchronization lasting consistency technology for realizing the interaction with the database.
  • Progress tracking technology which is used to recover the faulty engine and new machine engines are added.

Advantages of Using XBrick

To list a few of the advantages of using XBrick

Experienced Team

The members of the core team held had held a high post in Australian companies. These team of members has strong management skill.

Advanced Technology

Xbrick is developed by its technical team independently. The team is extensively experienced in blockchain technology. This team has the best technical designer in the world.

Legal Advice

Dentos are XBrick’s are the most trusted law firms in the world. They are the primary advisors of XBrick’s

Transfer Limits

XBrick’s website has no transfer limits.

Features of XBrick

SSL Encryption: SSL encryption makes it sure that every single that data passed between the web server and browsers stay private as well as integral.

Cold/Hot wallet Insulation: Hot wallets are similar to checking accounts while cold wallets are like saving the account. The cold wallet is strictly prohibited from the hot one to ensure the security of cryptocurrency storage.

GSLB Distributed Server Clusters: Total 24/7 secure trade option is provided by distributed cluster servers.

High Performance: The processing speed is over 2 million orders every second, the rate of memory matching is very high.

About XBrick Coin(XBC)

Following are the details for fund utilization:

  • 45% of the token will be utilized for the technical development that is going on. New features will be added for the increased safety of the users.
  • 25% of it goes to the local as well as the global promotions.
  • 15% of it is utilized for the operational costs and team expansion and some of the legal services.
  • 15 % is stored for sudden unexpected events and in case of variations of the new plans.

XBrick Candy Program

XBrick also have a bounty program for its promoters. You need to join the Candy Program to grab some free XBC tokens.

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