Tokpie ICO Review: Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency-Fiat and Swap Exchange

Tokpie ICO

Tokpie ICO

ICO Rating

8.2 /10

Digital currencies have been the center of attraction lately, its making news all over the globe. Seeing this wide craze million around the world are showing interest in digital currencies. Digital currencies are peer to peer, decentralized system which is designed to give all online users the ability to process the transaction. The same goes with TOKPIE it is a completely unique peer to peer exchange process under which anyone can purchase and sell crypto assets in exchange for cryptocurrency or fiat money. The entire process is very safe and secured it carries on efficiently.

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Tokpie Cryptocurrency-Fiat Swap

Tokpie cryptocurrency helps in peer to peer transactions and exchange it helps in price charting give price alerts as well. Users need an Ethereum-wallet. for any sort of purchase. It has compatibility for ERC20 with ETH along with it. By encapsulating currency pairs like crypto/crypto along with fiat/crypto the exchange process works. Such transactions besides being unique are tradable as well. It provides the traders an additional sophisticated feature which no other P2P exchange provides. The features are conveniently and organically converted into the TOKPIE ecosystem.

Benefits of Tokpie

  • Tokpie is is really beneficial for the traders.
  • For the beginners it offers a lot, like transparency, efficiency through auctions at a regular interval this entire process allows traders to purchase as well as sell any crypto/digital currency directly to the verified users.
  • There can be bargaining as well on prices and any fiat coins can be swapped.
  • Tokpie is not simple like other peers to peer exchanges. It is not an easy advertisement platform with handful functionality.

Users of TOKPIE carries the trade with zero fees for volumes less than $100,000 more or less equal per month. A low fixed subscription fee is charged by the high volume traders. A percentage is charged as a commission by other exchanges. TOKPIE does not.

This exchange gives the users certain sophisticated features such as spread analysis helps in market screening, charting of the price, watch lists, alerts for the price, the perfect market condition is captured with the help of notification tool. It is highly beneficial as well for striking the best deals and a higher profit is gained with the help of online auctions.

For certain security purpose,TOKPIE behaves like a guarantor it holds almost 95% of the seller’s cryptocurrencies in genuine multi-signature hardware which is 100%secured and safe. The leftover 5% of assets are stored in the hot wallet of the TOKPIE, the deposits of the user are safe from the hands of the hackers.

The best part about TOKPIE is for being listed on the exchange or develop cabinet for token sales there is no requirement of paying a large number of entry fees. The liquidity option is made quite easy as it thrives on the KYC verification of the users and contributors.

TOKPIE ICO Information

There is a prototype for the TOKPIE platform. There will be an ultra version which will release on 15 May 2018. The supply of TOKPIE token will be limited only to 1,920,000 offered to the public at 20% premium during the pre-sale period. A limited number of the token will be issued by the main sale. The users shall rather be allowed a very minimum investment amount which is equivalent to the cost of 100TKP with a maximum contribution which is unlimited.

  • Token: TKP
  • Tokpie ICO Price: 1 TKP = 0.0005208 ETH
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 100 TKP
  • Soft cap: 500 ETH
  • Hard cap: 25,000 ETH

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