Smart Containers ICO Review: Smart Containers With IoT Sensors on Blockchain

The Smart Container is a Swiss-based company which deals with a container which is safeguarded with a temperature controller. These containers are required to transport delicate medicinal items and foods globally. This is among one of the highest tech companies that look after sensitive products and never deliver any kind of products which needs to be compromised by the other end. The factors that made this platform grow faster in providing service are the unique cutting-edge hardware, best quality software, and exceptional service.


smart containers ico review



The Smart Container is aiming towards creating a business platform which should be accepted in the global ground. This will be possible only if they maintain the medicinal products with good quality and on the other hand distribution of food should be in a maintainable way. To take the business to high the management group is now planning to approach towards the particular community that deals with the cryptocurrency. This could help in future funding and that directly could lead them to more profit.


Food distribution:

The best quality food and consumer satisfaction have been a great combination always. The demand for fresh and healthy food is getting increasingly high in the market. Therefore this perishable market is growing gradually each day. Along with this, on the other hand, people are now giving huge importance to businesses like home delivery, which is leading to logistical challenges and creating more opportunity for this growing market. All the supermarkets and fast food chains are now more concerned about the safety of the food. If by chance any scandal takes place regarding the safety of the food then these platforms may not run too long in this business field. So now blockchain is here to play its major part to bring a great future in the ground of food distribution.


Base Technology:

The platform is now planning to get the best recyclable technology which would bring out the best. After conducting innumerable researches the platform has come up with extraordinary and highly efficient technologies. They have introduced a technology which is a cutting-edge solution. This technology acts as a mirror that reflects the extreme radiation with slightest conducting heat. Along with this new technology in the market, the team now introduced another new creative cooling technology which helps to store the energy five times more than the traditional methods. The traditional method only stores the energy in a steady temperature.



When this platform started its journey with the shipping industry the platform found many different reasons to become more efficient. That only could be done by creating a united logistic ecosystem which is completely based on the blockchain. Here the idea is to keep all valuable information and documents such as the invoices, bills of lading for containers, customs documentation, licenses and datasheets totally stored into the blockchain. This will be done for all parties so that in case of needs these could be tackled through the email process and the system can produce the required documents manually. There are some documents that really that need the public attention and therefore that are present in the blockchain as Ethereum.  Rest of the documents which are quite sensitive needs permission to access should be on different blockchain such as the Hyperledger’s Fabric Technology. During the time of shipping, the platform recognized at least 12 documents which have been used from both ends.

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Smart Containers ICO

Token: SMARC
Price: 1 SMARC = 0.432 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap: 36,000,000 USD

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