Omnitude ICO Review – A Blockchain Solution for E-Commerce Industry

Omnitude ICO

Omnitude ICO

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8.5 /10


If we look into the blockchain ecosystem concept then we will understand that Omnitude is the most fundamental idea that the ecosystem can follow. This is a platform that not only deals takes initiatives in mix system and ecommerce or supplying many chains but it’s a door to the solution to the real world problem. It helps all the app developers to stay focused and built or move the blockchain solution to the best height. It is a beautiful platform that acts as the bridge between the existing systems and present system without letting the existing system being replace by the new system. This is possible by allowing speedy growth of the blockchain technology of the existing system.


omnitude ICO review


There are two phases that Omnitude will follow:

  • The first phase of the Omnitude helps to connect the multiple technologies with the platform so that these platforms can easily take advantages of the blockchain technologies in more professional and swift way.
  • In the second phase all the community and the Omnitude team comes together to develop Omnitude Application that will be responsible in solving the particulars problem. The Omnitude team will be responsible to build their own application and give chance to the supporting community to do the same.


What is the ECOM token?

Omnitude has its own token, famously known as the ECOM token. This the most essential part of the Omnitude community. This has many options that help to realize the possibility of the reward techniques for all innovative projects that this platform deals with. To be a part of this ecosystem all individual will need ECOM, crypto currency or FIAT. The early ECOM tokens are issued for the betterment of this platform and the whole ecosystem.


Solution to eCommerce fraud

In the present world situation one needs to understand the success of an active and solution platform. The platform has facility such as Single Identity and Single Reputation which in other hands helps to provide the users to lessen the eCommerce fraud. Therefore dishonest transactions are looked after by different ways. With the help of blockchain technologies this platform addresses all the major forms of fraud.    Usage of credit card reduces online fraud and this platform enables issue of payment only depending on the delivery. Finally by giving all the user single identity it has inversely helping the platform to secure all the data and personal information of the users.


Core Principles

Open: This Omnitude platform is open to all individual participants who are interested in ecommerce.  The users are approved with unique OID by this platform which helps the individual to have control as per their wish. The suitable level of access which is really required for the transaction in the ecosystem fully depends on the Omnitude foundation. The security and consistency of the individual fully depends on the new node of this ecosystem. ECOM token plays an important role by providing an economic incentive just to protect the platform. In other words this is a platform which works on permissioned network by the users.

Secure: In this platform unknown source are not allowed to tamper with any record of the user. This platform allows the user to main certain limits of transaction in confidential manner so that no unknown user gets track of any information regarding the transaction. This platform also allows transaction of blockchain on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Transparent: Omnitude is a platform with great transparency which saves data on its blockchain of all its users without even mixing the information. It creates a proof link off-ledge data for all transactions related to the blockchain. All this are done so that the data are all verified with honesty without even depending on any authority.


Core Features


We all have knowledge regarding Hyperledger as the open source globally or as collaborative project but Omnitude are built above it. Hyperledger is a platform which has a blockchain protocol that permits b2c and b2b transaction. This platform is well supported by leading well-known companies globally.


Uniqueness and auditability

This platform will manage all the users OID which in return will help them to authenticate the user on the network. This is done to help the user ask for smart contract application, but without asking they won’t be allowed to install the smart contract by themselves.


Personal transactions and confidential agreements

For the sake of safety no transaction details would be ever be shared with a competitors. Even any commercial information is not at any cost exposed by the system supporting trade within the users. This platform hides all identities of the user. They also keep check on transaction pattern. Omnitude encourage the competition business to prevail on the same permissioned network.


Omnitude ICO and Token Details:

Token: ECOM
1 ECOM = 0.46 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Minimum investment: 150 USD
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,700,000 USD

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