Media Protocol ICO Review: Build and Reward Audience Networks

Media Protocol is an online protocol designed specifically for audience networks. It is nothing but a collection of rules used for the governance of value flow among the actors belonging to the industries of advertising and marketing. It uses several advanced blockchain technologies for its operation. It purely relies on smart contracts and is used for the creation of audience economy. In addition, it is also used for giving rewards to the audiences belonging to a particular network. It provides seamless integration of various apps and websites with the help of SDK.


media protocol ICO review


It is a content sharing network that enhances content values. It gives access to users from all countries across the globe, except China and United States. Its major functionality is exchange or transfer of data from one device to another. It delivers all the necessary information required for the data publishers. It performs power re – distribution between various categories like media owners, distribution platforms, publishers, consumers and third – party intermediaries.

Media protocol was incorporated first by a decentralized application known as CryptoCatnip. Each and every user of this platform will be individually rewarded and recognized, based on their talents and skills.


James Tabor is the Founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this platform. Thomas Graham and Martin Adams are the two Co – founders along with James. Its partnership concerns include Amazix, Wachsman, and Kenetic Capital and so on.

The tokens of media protocol are referred to as MEDIA, which are responsible for the transfer of value within the system. The tokens, which are left unallocated at the end of the sale, will be burned.


Unique features of Media protocol:

  • It is a highly safe, secure and transparent platform with greater sustainability.
  • It contains an open – source simple architecture.
  • It never permits any kind of hidden algorithms into the system.
  • It additionally permits multi – directional value transfers.
  • It assists the content creators, brands and publishers in delivering the most relevant and high quality contents.
  • It has an online application (App) with an easy usage facility.
  • It uses MPT to ensure clarity to the content pieces and the value flow.
  • It has the capacity to change web URLs into wallets running on blockchain technology.
  • It offers a variety of mutual benefits to the actors by facilitating value exchange.
  • It helps the users in accessing high quality contents by facilitating proper interactions.
  • It provides a lot of benefits to the consumers and publishers with the help of its demo on a content distribution model.
  • It facilitates efficient API integration with smart contracts.
  • It gives a great support to the new users by offering some smarter technologies to them for the purpose of project implementation.
  • It gives a pleasant online experience to the users.
  • It gives direct payments for gated contents.
  • It provides a direct promotion channel for promoting the contents of publishers.
  • It avoids the inefficiency of content distribution.
  • It offers a variety of rewards directly to the efficient data publishers and creators.
  • It ensures direct interactions or communications or exchanges.


Working methodology of media protocol:

When an user wants to read or interact with a specific content, he can make use of the Crypto catnip DApp. Then the blockchain system moves appropriate tokens by tracking or detecting actions. With the approach of the blockchain system, the website URLs corresponding to the contents will be displayed to the user.


Categories finding applications with media protocol:

  • Content creators or actors
  • Consumers and
  • Content publishers.

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