EthLend Review : LEND Token ICO and Presale- Decentralized Lending With Ethereum

Ethlend is an online decentralized platform or application that facilitates transparent and secure lending. It comes under the category of finance and it operates all across the globe with a variety of lenders and borrowers. It is being designed over the network of Ethereum (ETH) and it uses peer – to – peer lending mechanism. It uses smart contracts and brings a long term revolution in the field of lending.


The tokens of Ethlend are usually termed as LEND tokens, which can be purchased by the token contributors at the time of token sale. Such tokens are also used for the purpose of making deployment charge payments with a discount of around 25%.


ETHLend Review ICO Presale


Stani Kulechov is the Founder as well as the chief executive officer of this platform. The major motto of Ethlend is to modify the prospective of the world over the aspects like credit and micro – credit services. When an user wants to access this platform, he should install Metamask. The tokens of Ethlend are nothing but ERC – 20 compatible tokens.


Token sale information:

For pre–sale:

  • Estimated funds to be raised is 2000 Ethereum (ETH)
  • Total no of tokens available for pre–sale is 60000000 LEND (which is approximately 6%)
  • Minimum amount of tokens required for participation is 1 Ethereum.
  • The value of LEND tokens: 30000 LEND = 1 ETH


For token sale:

  • Estimated funds to be raised is 37,600 Ethereum
  • Total no of tokens available for sale is 1000000000 LEND
  • For the first 200000000 LEND, a bonus of around 10% will be issued.
  • For the next 100000000 LEND, a bonus of around 5% will be issued.


How To Contribute(Presale/ICO):

  • To participate in the contribution process you have to use Myetherwallet (MEW).
  • The smart contract will mint and send your LEND once ETH is received.
  • You can transfer LEND after the official token sale is finished.


Unique features of Ethlend ICO:

  • It is an open – source network and is highly transparent in nature.
  • It ensures high liquidity to the lending markets.
  • It holds a dedicated and professional team for providing high quality support.
  • It offers a variety of privileges for the token holders, who are making great contributions in the token sale.
  • It facilitates fund raising in an easy, simple and instant manner.
  • It allows the contributors to purchase even the tokens, which are left unsold in the token sale.
  • It offers bonus of around 20% to its contributors, who participate at the early stages of token sale.
  • It overcomes various issues including the volatility risks associated with crypto currency exchanges and the credit ratings.
  • It also overcomes all the technical barriers associated with the lending process.
  • It avoids the differences in interest rates associated with different nations or countries.
  • It provides strong tokens to the users with the help of its air drop rewarding methodology.
  • It enhances the product value and user adoption into the network.
  • It lets the users to pledge for a service known as ENS or Ethereum Name Service.
  • There is a chance for the users to regain their loses.


Application of Ethlend on blockchain startups:

If a newly introduced blockchain startup wants to get a loan, it should make a loan request on the decentralized application (Dapp) of Ethlend. The Dapp then transfers the tokens equivalent to the loan amount to the appropriate startup.



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