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EthexIndia – Platform to Buy And Sell Ethereum In India


Ethereum is a free and open-source virtual or digital currency as bitcoin. It depends on the strategy of block chain with a functionality of scripting. It offers a virtual machine known as EVM for running scripts, where EVM is nothing but Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Etherxindia review buy eather in india

Ethereum facilitates the transfer of ‘ether’, which is a value token needed for the compensation of network nodes involved in the process carried out in EVM. Here the network spam is avoided by the use of a mechanism called ‘Gas’, which is nothing but a transaction pricing mechanism.

Ethereum is expected to beat bitcoin in the following years since a lot of attention is being gained on Ethereum projects in India.


How to Buy Ethereum In India?

Ethexindia is an online platform that allows Ethereum trading or Ethereum exchange. It was the first marketplace launched in India for the purpose of buying or selling Ethereum tokens such as ‘Ether’ or ‘Eth’. It offers a real time trading experience with the usage of an effective wallet system based on ETH. Here the fiat deposits made by the Indian users (in Indian Rupees) are kept safely in separate bank accounts along with the effective management of wallets.

The users can use the services provided by this exclusive platform by registering at EthexIndia Website

The registration is also free of cost and it does not charge any fees for trading. Once a user gets access by creating an account in Ethexindia, he can freely make use of the trading system and the secure wallet offered by the site. Currently the site is under beta testing phase.


History of Ethexindia:

It is a private company holding around 10 employees and was founded on March 09, 2016 by Kamesh Mupparaju. It comes under the category of financial service providers and was launched by a BTCXIndia based company called ‘S Capital Solutions’.


Unique features of Ethexindia:

  • It offers an easily usable interface and INR / Eth order book for selling or buying (trading) ether.
  • It executes smart contracts, thereby providing security and reliability.
  • It does not allow fraudulence, censorship or the interference of third parties.
  • It provides safety for the user wallets and the withdrawal is also easy.
  • It facilitates 24*7 Support to all its users.


Ethereum wallet:

A wallet is necessary for an ethereum user to hold ethereum in a safe and secure manner. Ethereum wallets also facilitate ethereum transfer (send or receive ethereum) and are also helpful for ethereum storage and access.

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